Sunday, February 7, 2010

Colin Andrews Research: Revised funding efforts- Introduction of advertising and Voluntary Donations.

Regular visitors to this website, approximately 20,000 people per day, have access to the entire website, free of a subscription charge. My goal is to provide as much information as possible, across the full range of topics of my life's research. I don't want to limit people's access based on their finances and have therefore resisted subscription fees. Instead, I have tried to support the work through the sales of books, DVD's and videos, which sadly has not succeeded, leaving the issue of funding still to be resolved. I have decided on a radical new tack.
First, many of my regular visitors will observe that there is a change on my blog and website: ie advertisements. While the popularity of the site is continuing to soar, a very gratifying event, I feel the best way to give access to all is to use the strength of your visits to my site as an enticement for advertisers. Please forgive the intrusion and remember; this is instead of charging you directly through subscription! I have no control over the type of advertising Google sees fit to promote, so please don't be offended. Eventually, I hope to find independent advertisers relevant to the information on the site.
Second, what I have to offer is unique. For nearly three decades I've been at the forefront of research into crop circles and have compiled a huge archive consisting of many thousands of original photographs, videos and hard copy documents. These documents are providing essential background to events happening today. I am working to find funding for properly archiving my data base and hope to release it over this site as the information becomes ever more relevant. To aid in this effort I have tagged each article with the time I spent compiling it, and with a donation request. If you feel the information is valuable, I urge you to make a donation. No matter how small it seems, everything helps. It is only by supporting each other’s efforts that we will stay in touch with truth.

I thank everyone who contributes to this site through information, comments and support. You have made this an active, exciting exchange that gives energy to people's lives.

I wanted to explain all this so that when you see advertisements, now placed on my official blog for the first time, you will know why. It is likely that a minimal number of adverts will soon appear on this website also.
Posted February 7, 2010.

The Internal Store Closed: Regrettably and hopefully temporarily my store has been closed. The cost of running and handling the material can no longer be met. For those who wish to purchase my books, most of them are available at all good book stores or from or Barnes & Nobles.