Friday, February 26, 2010

ALERT: Quarter of Australia's National weather radar is down - one day after huge object (UFO?) captured by Sydney radar.

Feb 26, 2010
Colin Andrews
Just one day after I reported on a huge object (UFO?) which was captured on the Australian Weather radar and followed moments later by a new strange symbol over Sydney - news is coming in now from the public all across the vast continent that 25% of the country is without radar cover. As I report now at 9.45 PM USA Eastern, 12 radar stations have gone down that’s approx 25% of the entire nation without weather radar coverage.

I had been discussing developments with a colleague in Australia a few hours before when I said that short of BOM taking down the entire radar system to stop us obtaining this data they have been caught off balance and unprepared for such intense scrutiny. They do now seem to be scrambling to reduce the amount of information associated with what might well be a covert program from the public. Especially after the string of high radar strangeness yesterday when a sequence occurred in which a large object appeared just off the coast of Sydney which seemingly instigated a frequency interference pattern into Sydney radar. The object then moved quickly south east towards New Zealand. How all this fits together is not clear but for sure it does.

Information now with me and being posted shortly, shows straight lines emanating from Melbourne which BOM had told me were most likely caused by buildings in the city, appeared at the time of the strange Sydney symbol and was aligned exactly with it - also two more lines running exactly parallel formed thousands of miles west. These additional 'grid lines' clearly not caused by buildings in Melbourne or by what I can tell, any other city building. So what's up?

My sense of events tonight is that following more than one month of intensive investigation into the cause of multiple strange radar effects over that country, we are about to see efforts to reduce the information we are gathering. There would appear to be very strong evidence of a covert weather modification program by or including aspects of the secret HAARP installation technologies. And who knows the ETs could also be as curious about the 'high energy' games going on as the rest of us. My gut tells me that we are just about to see a dramatic reduction in the clues to this program showing on the radar systems. The Government did not anticipate these effects, for a while had to figure out how to stop them and tonight might be the fix. We will see.

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