Saturday, February 27, 2010

Huge Earthquake Chile - Tsunami alert out for a quarter of Earths coastline.

Go to the Observatory page to monitor - for those at risk take steps.

Friday, February 26, 2010

ALERT: Quarter of Australia's National weather radar is down - one day after huge object (UFO?) captured by Sydney radar.

Feb 26, 2010
Colin Andrews
Just one day after I reported on a huge object (UFO?) which was captured on the Australian Weather radar and followed moments later by a new strange symbol over Sydney - news is coming in now from the public all across the vast continent that 25% of the country is without radar cover. As I report now at 9.45 PM USA Eastern, 12 radar stations have gone down that’s approx 25% of the entire nation without weather radar coverage.

I had been discussing developments with a colleague in Australia a few hours before when I said that short of BOM taking down the entire radar system to stop us obtaining this data they have been caught off balance and unprepared for such intense scrutiny. They do now seem to be scrambling to reduce the amount of information associated with what might well be a covert program from the public. Especially after the string of high radar strangeness yesterday when a sequence occurred in which a large object appeared just off the coast of Sydney which seemingly instigated a frequency interference pattern into Sydney radar. The object then moved quickly south east towards New Zealand. How all this fits together is not clear but for sure it does.

Information now with me and being posted shortly, shows straight lines emanating from Melbourne which BOM had told me were most likely caused by buildings in the city, appeared at the time of the strange Sydney symbol and was aligned exactly with it - also two more lines running exactly parallel formed thousands of miles west. These additional 'grid lines' clearly not caused by buildings in Melbourne or by what I can tell, any other city building. So what's up?

My sense of events tonight is that following more than one month of intensive investigation into the cause of multiple strange radar effects over that country, we are about to see efforts to reduce the information we are gathering. There would appear to be very strong evidence of a covert weather modification program by or including aspects of the secret HAARP installation technologies. And who knows the ETs could also be as curious about the 'high energy' games going on as the rest of us. My gut tells me that we are just about to see a dramatic reduction in the clues to this program showing on the radar systems. The Government did not anticipate these effects, for a while had to figure out how to stop them and tonight might be the fix. We will see.

More updates soon on

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Huge object (UFO?) Captured on Australian Weather Radar off Sydney Shore Today As New Patterns Appear.

UFO? Captured on Australian Weather Radar off Sydney Shore Today
as New Strange Patterns Appear.
February 25, 2010
By Colin Andrews

The huge object seen on these radar frames leaving the Australia coast towards New Zealand - Did it cause an orange ring seen over Sydney which was a pattern not seen on BOM radar before? This was followed moment later by another new pattern on the north coast thousands of miles away........Full article with the evidence on Colin Andrews website:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NASA Launch: 'Cloud Ripples' as seen on Australian radar, appear mysteriously and unexpectedly at Cape Canaveral during latest launch.

By Colin Andrews
February 23, 2010.

Well as I was saying "Houston we do now have a problem". In this case the rocket was in fact launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida on February 11 when a 'sun dog' was destroyed as the mystery ripples burst outwards from the rocket as it passed through the cloud. Looking strikingly similar to the effects seen over Australian radar stations. Watch the launch on Colin Andrews website:

Friday, February 19, 2010


OK- it’s time for serious answers from the authorities as the Australian government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) have themselves been propelled into posting a notice that they are “endeavoring to find the source of interferences" into, not just one radar station the last four weeks, but many. Late last night (Feb 18th here in USA - Feb 19th in Australia), the most bizarre symbol yet appeared on the national radar emanating from the Melbourne facility. On the radar screen, a black and red-laced, counter-clockwise spiral appeared with a separate red-flared spiral overlay in its center. The last time we observed something similar to this, the first time it had ever been seen, I noticed that the lower levels of the atmosphere began to rotate in the same counter-clockwise direction. As I watched, a new low pressure system formed under the radar symbol - unprecedented physical reflection of the radar image. This was either an extreme coincidence, where a frequency interference and technical artifact took place at the same time that nature also happened to create a new low pressure system, or this was a designed effect.

Last night for a second time, just as on the last occasion, another low pressure formed under the amazing radar image which seems to be reflective of a burst of energy. An energy which I think it’s reasonable to speculate, may have created both the frequency interference on the BOM radar system, and the developing weather system. I can believe that the first was possibly coincidental, a second time over the same city and I need an explanation. Sorry, but I don’t buy this is anything straight forward, like a local station causing interference where it had not been before, and on such a large scale with apparent physical effects on weather. This is real, large scale, and seems to be affecting the earth’s atmosphere. It must be addressed.

Time loops are being put together, as I speak, for our own records. Data of what has happened exists in the BOM records and should be used to answer these serious questions. This month has shown extreme circumstances and few answers, on a continent that has been significantly altered by weather conditions during that same period. The findings of this project must be given official attention and made public. I urge those who have been kind enough to help me keep close observations on this situation, as well as the general public, to send the links on my website regarding this subject to your representatives. Also send them to BOM asking for a station-by-station, event-by-event explanation. The latest event over Melbourne last night and into today, requires a full technical detailed explanation.

Colin Andrews Feb 19, 2010 :

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

UFO and crop circle researcher died a year ago - His family hits out at police. Also 9-11 Commissioner admits "It was a conspiracy" - Alex Jones "The CIA put bomber on plane.

Paul Vigay, the final chapter:
My friend and well known UFO and crop circle researcher who died nearly a year ago. Paul's family hits out at police who failed to respond beyond an assumption. …Full article on Colin Andrews website.
To lighten up the mood for a while: More atmospheric Photo-Graphics. View these images on the website.
9-11 Commissioner Bob Kerry admits a 30 year long conspiracy:
Also the CIA put the Christmas Day Bomber on the plane:

Its going to be a rare occasion for me to speak politics on this site. While I have deep interest in keeping them honest, there has been a great deal in recent years that has disgusted and disillusioned me about the current state of affairs. One begins to see real and frightening possibilities that behind the voted members we place into office are a load of thugs running best part of the western world.
Today Ive been steered to two very important pieces of information that we should all listen to without political bias and with a mind towards honesty and the integrity of the country I live in - The United States. The 9-11 Commissioner Bob Kerry makes a profound confession and Alex Jones appears on Pat Buchanan with astounding details surrounding the Christmas Day Bomber.
I'm getting back now to research on Consciousness, UFO, Crop Circles, The Akashic Record and 2012 and keeping a close eye on signs of change in our world. Together our voices and our actions will change all of this. What's News see website.
Close encounter with UFO in the center of Exmouth, England – Time for the governments to come clean:
Time for the governments to come clean and tell people like Ray what frightened him and his dog in the town of Exmouth in England. UFO landed in the park. Full story see website.

Friday, February 12, 2010

HAARP ? in Australia: Tinkering with the evidence and two military bases uncovered. We have the evidence.

The image seen on the website allowed detective work to uncover military bases who's operations and frequencies were (are) breaking into the Australia Bureau of Meteorology national radar system. What appears to be a classified operation has been exposed and the question now remains, is this part of the HAARP global network and what is its function? And if the Australian Government's own Bureau didn't know about it then who did and who is in charge? And what about international laws?

Two military bases are exposed. We have found our problem Houston..........
Startling details and a repeating cycle suggests HAARP is indeed at work.

None of what has been written and postulated in these pages has had the advantage of statistics and information existing ahead of time and capable of being back engineered to fit any particular hypothesis - we have been live and when the observations began on January 15th Australia was still in a serious state of drought with weather systems locked off and dry air prevailing. After witnessing the most bizarre effects take place we have seen the drought break, levels of humidity and saturation levels rise also and in many places heavy rains have fallen. Below is the weather alert section of the BOM website as I close this file on Saturday February 13, 2010. Reports are still being received here of ominous black clouds that hang in the sky threatening rain but the rains don't fall. When they do, tests carried out on the chemical composition is disturbing.

Check out the conclusions and full report.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HAARP ? A new cycle of activity has begun over Australia Weather radar - Numerous attempts to take down the You Tube video showing the analyses done on the rain water that fell. Colin Andrews Research - latest

The latest update on the extraordinary situation unfolding with the national weather radar system belonging to the Australia Bureau of Meteorology - a government body.

Yesterday I posted on my website ( the official reply to questions I raised with BOM. I also cross checked replies that government agency sent to various sources known to me in that country. I am also receiving other independent expert advice about their explanations given for a wide range of symbols seen from specific radar facilities.

The key sites in question but not a complete list of all involved are Townsville, Broome and Melbourne.

The official explanations have not been supported with evidence. It is almost certain that dust/sand particles are not involved, nor flocks of birds and if the problem for any one of the stations is a malfunction of technical equipment then it’s strange to say the least that so many are in that same state suddenly.

A number of important questions remain and have again been posed to the Bureau.

They admit that they are endeavoring to find out what is going on. That infers they don’t have an explanation but they do admit that frequency interference from an unknown source could be the culprit for at least some of the radar symbols - that demands the question: whose frequency and from where? Is this the smoking gun, which they appear to be accepting is in this mix? Is this indeed pulsed high energy interference from a CLASSIFIED (HAARP)project ? and because its classified even BOM are in the dark.

When you read the Bureau reply on my website you will notice that there is no attempt to respond to my request to confirm the development (creation) of a new and vital 'Low Pressure' system (The Melbourne Low) that formed directly under one of the most dramatic radar pattern of all on January 27. That Low played an important part in the weather busting week and the course of 'Olga'. It was a modifier and a steering system of that no meteorologist argues.

The most important and immediate concern now is the WATER.

After the rains came, what was in the drinking water that fell?

A video posted on my site last night (Feb 9, 2010) from the excellent work done at showed chemical analysis carried out on water that had fallen after the drought broke. The results are shocking.
Numerous attempts are being made to remove this video from You Tube and has left blank space several times on my site and that of the last few hours. I’ve re-established it as of this posting.

Today (10th) a new series of radar symbols have again appeared over Broome in the north west and Melbourne in the south east, seemingly a repeat of the cycle that I began to monitor on January 15th.

Speaking gut feelings and I say this with respect to the scientists who are responding from the Bureau. Reading between the lines, the day to day operational staff at BOM are themselves baffled and are locked out of a classified operation. I begin to feel for them, waffling and trying to give themselves space and time to get to grips with a horse that bolted before they were even aware. That’s my take today, perhaps tomorrow it will be different but for sure something strange is a foot and the guys on the front line and whose job is weather forecasting and not weather making or military positioning are in the dark as are the public.

Colin Andrews
Posted Feb 10, 2010
Connecticut, USA
Website coverage of this special project on Australia Weather Radar - HAARP? Latest update page at:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Australian Government begins an investigation into the mysterious radar symbols - HAARP, UFOs - The Official Reply is in.

**The Australian Government begins an investigation into the mysterious radar images.

**The Official Reply is Received.

**What was in that water that fell ?

**Could this be one possible reason why governments have blown smoke around the REAL crop circles ?

The Australian Bureau have given an explanation but also say they have started an investigation. Select the heading above to read the full update.
NOW its getting really interesting.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Colin Andrews Research: Revised funding efforts- Introduction of advertising and Voluntary Donations.

Regular visitors to this website, approximately 20,000 people per day, have access to the entire website, free of a subscription charge. My goal is to provide as much information as possible, across the full range of topics of my life's research. I don't want to limit people's access based on their finances and have therefore resisted subscription fees. Instead, I have tried to support the work through the sales of books, DVD's and videos, which sadly has not succeeded, leaving the issue of funding still to be resolved. I have decided on a radical new tack.
First, many of my regular visitors will observe that there is a change on my blog and website: ie advertisements. While the popularity of the site is continuing to soar, a very gratifying event, I feel the best way to give access to all is to use the strength of your visits to my site as an enticement for advertisers. Please forgive the intrusion and remember; this is instead of charging you directly through subscription! I have no control over the type of advertising Google sees fit to promote, so please don't be offended. Eventually, I hope to find independent advertisers relevant to the information on the site.
Second, what I have to offer is unique. For nearly three decades I've been at the forefront of research into crop circles and have compiled a huge archive consisting of many thousands of original photographs, videos and hard copy documents. These documents are providing essential background to events happening today. I am working to find funding for properly archiving my data base and hope to release it over this site as the information becomes ever more relevant. To aid in this effort I have tagged each article with the time I spent compiling it, and with a donation request. If you feel the information is valuable, I urge you to make a donation. No matter how small it seems, everything helps. It is only by supporting each other’s efforts that we will stay in touch with truth.

I thank everyone who contributes to this site through information, comments and support. You have made this an active, exciting exchange that gives energy to people's lives.

I wanted to explain all this so that when you see advertisements, now placed on my official blog for the first time, you will know why. It is likely that a minimal number of adverts will soon appear on this website also.
Posted February 7, 2010.

The Internal Store Closed: Regrettably and hopefully temporarily my store has been closed. The cost of running and handling the material can no longer be met. For those who wish to purchase my books, most of them are available at all good book stores or from or Barnes & Nobles.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Two strange objects in the news today. One over Canada and the second in Space. Mixed messages by Canadian Prime Minister over was it a missile. And in space an object never seen before has NASA saying it has no idea what it is.

February 5, 2010
Two strange objects in the news today.
Reports of an object that looked like a missile over New Foundland. Canadian Prime Minister says no missiles fired. Police say they have information but can’t say more. French say they fired missiles but not there. To watch the full news item select headline above.

A truly mysterious object in space and never seen before is photographed by NASA. ECLA and official at NASA left scratching their heads. Prof. Michio Kaku was asked could it be Extraterrestrial. Full Fox TV interview at Colin Andrews website (

New update coming shortly on the strange drought breaking cyclone Olga and the end of 18 days of odd designs which lead to radar meltdown in Australia. We monitored two and a half weeks on a hunch and a tip, each of which was live - all events were monitored as they happened - this was not a case of back engineering. What did we learn? The conclusion is that these extraordinary happenings truly look like weather modification or engineering. Olga was produced, modified and moved just as if they held a watering can under a tap and took it to where the water was needed most. The big drought busting Olga served as a blessing this time to Australia."This time, being the imperative term.

Colin Andrews
Posted Feb 5, 2010.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Houston we have a problem" – HAARP or not the Australian National Weather Radar Network goes into meltdown after the strangest 18 days on record. Official statement admits they have an "Unexpected Problem"

It begins to look like more than cyclone
Olga was being controlled.
Posted February 4, 2010
By Colin Andrews

OK, so much has happened that has to be classed as mysterious since January 16th that we need again to take stock and be sure we are not making this up.

The full article can be seen on Colin Andrews website but for the latest update lets pick up from February 2, 2010.

Questions from myself and other residents within Australia began falling into E-mail In-boxes of the Bureau of Meteorology asking for explanations about these bizarre radar patterns. There have been a few replies but ostensibly you will see that they generally claim that individual radar equipment has a problem or that the radar rain return adjustments were set too low. Still the strange returns were seen and not from one radar station but many. Why then was this problem now suddenly and mysteriously wide spread across the continent? It was not just strange symmetrical patterns that were unusual and according to some experts unique but the weather itself was bizarre and even worrying.

Tropical storm Olga strengthened and weakened three times and was noted as unusual by NASA. The storm grew into a cyclone and then began its hand held behavior into the very regions that seriously needed the water. A new Low system formed over Melbourne within hours of a huge energy pattern appearing on radar over the city. That low, called here The Melbourne Low moved north and then west where it modified Olga which itself then began its move back towards Melbourne. A whole series of new 'energy bursts' seen on radar (perhaps unexpectedly and unintentionally) seemingly positioned like billiard balls pushing the weather busting Olga directly over the birth place of the Low and out to sea. Mission accomplished perhaps.

If what we have watched for 18 days has been weather modification experiments, we have for the first time secured many of the steps and opened up a Pandora's box of questions………………………………………..

………………As the public became more and more aware of this website project, we began to monitor more and more radar stations being taken out of service. If these were because of sudden faults, there were a lot of them. On February 2, 2010 observers on the ground who were helping me watch events counted nine stations out of service. That's a lot of radar stations to suddenly go into meltdown or were they taken down because unexpectedly they were showing too many details of secret work? There are technical questions raised here that require an official explanation. We will see if we get answers. Frequencies involved, the type of
problem experienced and why so wide spread? etc.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weather Control over Australia: Olga the weather buster with help from our friends - New Development today - another adjustment witnessed?

Today a new white ring appeared on national radar over the central south west region of Australia, positioned directly to the north of the center of the old cyclone Olga, appearing to nudge it further south to precisely where the mysterious new Melbourne Low formed on the 27th. The weather busting storm is still behaving like a hand is pushing it across the land to places that most needed raid.

Today I was told about a fascinating statement made by Benjamin Fulford about plans to carry out ‘Etheric weather engineering technology:

On January 4th, Benjamin Fulford said 'One group centered on the British empire would like to begin construction of massive free energy facilities to remove salt from sea-water and use the resulting fresh water to turn the deserts green. This group is allying itself with the Middle Eastern monarchies and plans to work simultaneously in Australia and the Arabian Peninsula.

This group also wants to pay the world’s deep sea fishing fleets to stop all fishing for two or three years in order to allow the oceans to replenish themselves.

A different group based in Australia but with powerful connections throughout the G7 proposes turning the deserts green by using etheric weather engineering technology'

Today I have initiated a voluntary donation button at the end of each new research project undertaken. All the information is freely available for everyone on my website but the Pay Pal Donation button will show the hours spent on each of these projects. Apart from a three year period in the last 30 years all of my costs have been paid by me and my family. Any small donations towards the costs of the projects you identify with will go towards website and associated software costs and will be greatly appreciated.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

An unexpected case study into strange weather over Australia. Out of a single radar ring report, came a persistent cyclone Olga and a weather busting seventeen days. We just happened to monitor it all unfold. Was it the perfect cup of tea by HAARP?

Final Comments:
By Colin Andrews
Posted February 1, 2010

From an almost casual report of a strange but by no means unseen before radar design over the south west of Australia on January 16th 2010 came a whole series. These grew over the days in complexity and rareness, several apparently never seen before. During the 17 days of study a very persistent tropical storm Olga appeared on the scene. A new Low pressure system formed directly under the strangest of all radar patterns over the south east which headed towards Olga. Then it was just like watching an Englishman working with a tea bag to obtain a perfect cup of tea for his taste. Tropical storm Olga seemed manipulated and maneuvered into a Cyclone which then became too strong for his taste and so a new Low was added to the cup to adjust that strength. After all was said and done, the taste was perfected and in so doing instead of wide spread damage caused to large parts of Australia, a good soaking was given to seriously parched areas suffering water shortages in that country. Like the unbelievable 'antics' of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 which went into a hold pattern over the Carolina coast as its strength and course seemed to be fine tuned these huge and powerful systems looked like they were different to all the rest. Like they had a hand on them.

Whether this study along with others can support a case for weather engineering at work I don’t know but many aspects of this period have been fascinating and rest here to be tested again in the future. HAARP exists and its implications are unknown but to many its existence with no form of controls by our representatives is very concerning. God or a higher intelligence will by some also be a contender for these events but for now we know that we are a planet and species in rapid transition and so new signs of change can be expected. It would probably be more assuring if we knew they came from nature herself.

Colin Andrews
Feb 1, 2010.