Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Sudden Death Last Year of Well Known Crop Circle, UFO and Government Conspiracies Researcher Paul Vigay Acknowledged as a Mystery - Inquest Verdict

The inquest into the sudden death of my friend and fellow researcher Paul Vigay took place in Portsmouth, England Monday 18, January 2010.

Paul continues to be greatly missed by me and all who knew and loved him with his honesty and happy demeanor. Rumors naturally have abounded about what happened.

I have refrained from adding my own thoughts and concerns out of respect for Paul’s family, who have been through hell and back. I am aware that they have been living with certain facts that have made all this even harder than it might have been. These facts I will again leave to be spoken by them. I believe certain details surrounding the police investigation are going to be announced shortly after the Inquest outcome is published in the British media tomorrow (Wednesday 20th), meanwhile it is known that the inquest ............Holding statement at: