Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Star of Alexandria. The world is changing...Destroy or Transform, a new novel based upon real events.

The world is changing. Ancient Prophecies say this is a unique time in history; a time when our greatest fears will either destroy or transform us. Have you ever wondered what this will mean to your life? Two new books explore this theme. The Star of Alexandria, a novel based on real events, is a paranormal adventure where every thought creates reality. Patterns of Light: Activations for Transformation is a non-fiction how-to manual teaching energy awareness and the skills for spiritual growth that are used by the characters in The Star of Alexandria.

Literary agent and/or publisher wanted to represent and publish these two ground-breaking books. This is an opportunity to work with successful author, Dr. Synthia Andrews, in launching a new series engaging the reader in finding their highest potential.

YOU are in these books. Link: