Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Huge Fiery Catherine Wheel today brings to Australia evidence of HAARP or weather control and major concerns?

Today a huge spiraling ‘Catherine Wheel’ with black arms emanating from a bright fiery Ruby Red Star feature again lit up Australian Weather Radar. What preceded and followed this was astounding.
It’s been a very busy twelve days for anybody interested in strange weather effects, possible weather modification experiments or the secret agenda behind the global HAARP project.
So let’s recap where this started, on website on January 15th, 2010 (16th in Australia) and which has now exploded into a potentially very important story.
On one of the satellite images on this website (Fig 04-04) the wave action from the ocean can be clearly seen to be aligned and separated by the same spacing ratios as the arcing arms of the fiery Catherine Wheel feature. Also to the west what is technically known in meteorological circles as a cloud street formed and the cloud arc alignment and placement seems beyond coincidence an associated effect of the pressumed ground or air burst of high energy.
What came next was amazing to watch: In just minutes and like magic these features became intrinsically part of a new low pressure system – and from precisely where the strange black and red Catherine Wheel had taken place.
The update on this evolving story is here: