Friday, January 29, 2010

Two New Radar Bursts seen over the North West of Australia as the HAARP Melbourne Low heads towards Cyclone Ogla. Watch this low.

Waiting to hear from top expert in Australia.
Colin Andrews
Posted January 29, 2010.

I have monitored the national weather radar system over Australia with the help of many people in that country since January 16th.

Various strange symbols have appeared which some experts within the Bureau told me have not been seen before. A new weather system formed under the strange symbol seen over Melbourne on January 27, which perhaps coincidentally resembled a spiral seen in the sky over Norway last year. The new Low pressure system is now moving north along the east coast of Australia and is likely to be sucked into a major tropical cyclone now formed over the north of the country named Ogla.

During this short period the general weather situation has moved from quiet to very active and in parts serious. Is all this coincidence?

Have we seen the first engineered weather modification create a new weather system in front of our eyes as we watched? For now lets look at the facts and .....Watch what happens to that new Low pressure system. Will the cyclone deepen or break up as the new system approaches - We will be monitoring.