Monday, January 25, 2010

An Array of Mysterious Spheres Seen by NASA Orbiting The Sun - More Strange Weather Effects in Australia - English UFO Computer Hacker's Life Threatened.

An array of mysterious spheres seen by NASA orbiting the Sun in the last few days.Some video frames recorded by NASA’s Stereo Service Center show several of these planet size spheres. Look at the photographs.
English UFO computer hacker Gary McKinnon gets death threats from the United States says his Mother. Prominent people such as members of Parliament who have come to support attempts to have him tried in the United Kingdom against the US wishes have also been threatened.
New Zealand have just joined ten other countries in releasing their UFO files – let us remember that we have been told by most of them over the years that these reports are simply hot air balloons, planets and crazy people. The truth is unfolding as they release the thousands of secret files many of which are totally unexplained by even their own military experts.
More reports are being received from all over Australia regarding strange weather effects – One new strange ring appears off the west coast (over the ocean) which defies the explanation that the land based stations have their software set too low. Posting soon - includes secret HAARP site within Australia.
The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012, co-authored by Synthia and Colin Andrews is going into most libraries and educational facilities as the book of reason and rational content but which does not side step the potential difficulties we confront. Today Powell Books declare the book it’s #4 Best seller.
Tomorrow Colin's next radio interview is tomorrow on Paranormal Palace Radio – It can be heard on the radio website and also at Colin Andrews site. The interview begins at 9.0 PM US Eastern Tuesday January 26.
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