Sunday, January 31, 2010

The artificial destruction of dangerous cyclone Olga over Australia - Key radar removed from viewing as HAARP monitor made public

Have we witnessed the artificial destruction of a dangerous cyclone over Australia? – Key radar station taken off stream since the story broke.

Cyclone Olga destroyed (or dissipates) over Australia as the 'Melbourne Low' merged with it.

Former United States Governor from Minnesota Jesse Ventura investigates HAARP.

Also Dr. Richard Boylan comments upon the radar charts in this article.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Two New Radar Bursts seen over the North West of Australia as the HAARP Melbourne Low heads towards Cyclone Ogla. Watch this low.

Waiting to hear from top expert in Australia.
Colin Andrews
Posted January 29, 2010.

I have monitored the national weather radar system over Australia with the help of many people in that country since January 16th.

Various strange symbols have appeared which some experts within the Bureau told me have not been seen before. A new weather system formed under the strange symbol seen over Melbourne on January 27, which perhaps coincidentally resembled a spiral seen in the sky over Norway last year. The new Low pressure system is now moving north along the east coast of Australia and is likely to be sucked into a major tropical cyclone now formed over the north of the country named Ogla.

During this short period the general weather situation has moved from quiet to very active and in parts serious. Is all this coincidence?

Have we seen the first engineered weather modification create a new weather system in front of our eyes as we watched? For now lets look at the facts and .....Watch what happens to that new Low pressure system. Will the cyclone deepen or break up as the new system approaches - We will be monitoring.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Huge Fiery Catherine Wheel today brings to Australia evidence of HAARP or weather control and major concerns?

Today a huge spiraling ‘Catherine Wheel’ with black arms emanating from a bright fiery Ruby Red Star feature again lit up Australian Weather Radar. What preceded and followed this was astounding.
It’s been a very busy twelve days for anybody interested in strange weather effects, possible weather modification experiments or the secret agenda behind the global HAARP project.
So let’s recap where this started, on website on January 15th, 2010 (16th in Australia) and which has now exploded into a potentially very important story.
On one of the satellite images on this website (Fig 04-04) the wave action from the ocean can be clearly seen to be aligned and separated by the same spacing ratios as the arcing arms of the fiery Catherine Wheel feature. Also to the west what is technically known in meteorological circles as a cloud street formed and the cloud arc alignment and placement seems beyond coincidence an associated effect of the pressumed ground or air burst of high energy.
What came next was amazing to watch: In just minutes and like magic these features became intrinsically part of a new low pressure system – and from precisely where the strange black and red Catherine Wheel had taken place.
The update on this evolving story is here:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Colin Andrews asked NASA "What are the Spheres seen near the Sun?" - NASA responds.

For the last five days strange spherical objects have been appearing on the images captured by NASA as they monitor the Sun. On some frames several can be seen at the same time.

Yesterday posted large photographs of these in the UFO pages and immediately Colin sent a message to Dr. Joseph Gurman, NASA Stereo Project Scientist asking him what these were. Dr. Gurman has responded..............Full statement now posted.

Monday, January 25, 2010

An Array of Mysterious Spheres Seen by NASA Orbiting The Sun - More Strange Weather Effects in Australia - English UFO Computer Hacker's Life Threatened.

An array of mysterious spheres seen by NASA orbiting the Sun in the last few days.Some video frames recorded by NASA’s Stereo Service Center show several of these planet size spheres. Look at the photographs.
English UFO computer hacker Gary McKinnon gets death threats from the United States says his Mother. Prominent people such as members of Parliament who have come to support attempts to have him tried in the United Kingdom against the US wishes have also been threatened.
New Zealand have just joined ten other countries in releasing their UFO files – let us remember that we have been told by most of them over the years that these reports are simply hot air balloons, planets and crazy people. The truth is unfolding as they release the thousands of secret files many of which are totally unexplained by even their own military experts.
More reports are being received from all over Australia regarding strange weather effects – One new strange ring appears off the west coast (over the ocean) which defies the explanation that the land based stations have their software set too low. Posting soon - includes secret HAARP site within Australia.
The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012, co-authored by Synthia and Colin Andrews is going into most libraries and educational facilities as the book of reason and rational content but which does not side step the potential difficulties we confront. Today Powell Books declare the book it’s #4 Best seller.
Tomorrow Colin's next radio interview is tomorrow on Paranormal Palace Radio – It can be heard on the radio website and also at Colin Andrews site. The interview begins at 9.0 PM US Eastern Tuesday January 26.
All of the above reports can be seen on New Postings at :

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Star of Alexandria. The world is changing...Destroy or Transform, a new novel based upon real events.

The world is changing. Ancient Prophecies say this is a unique time in history; a time when our greatest fears will either destroy or transform us. Have you ever wondered what this will mean to your life? Two new books explore this theme. The Star of Alexandria, a novel based on real events, is a paranormal adventure where every thought creates reality. Patterns of Light: Activations for Transformation is a non-fiction how-to manual teaching energy awareness and the skills for spiritual growth that are used by the characters in The Star of Alexandria.

Literary agent and/or publisher wanted to represent and publish these two ground-breaking books. This is an opportunity to work with successful author, Dr. Synthia Andrews, in launching a new series engaging the reader in finding their highest potential.

YOU are in these books. Link:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Its Getting even more Bizarre: More strange radar designs seen over Australia Today. Anonamous explanation and its official that HAARP has been ramped up.

Following events on the 15th of January - Today it get even more bizarre.

Its getting more strange by the day over Australia. Today an enormous ring of radiating lines appeared on national radar over the south east of the country just 30 seconds later a 'Ruby Red Star' surrounded by numerous black radiating spokes appeared over the entire north west of that large country. An anonymous person has sent an alleged explanation. Also HAARP official data shows the facility ramped up for several days a week ago. Are these new signs of change?
The full update with the images, the message from the anonamous person and the official data showing HAARP has been ramped up - select the link to .

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Huge Mysterious Ring over Western Australia - The Bureau of Meteorology Give Unconvincing Solution

The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology respond unconvincingly to the huge ring seen on radar returns over Western Australia and reported here on Jan 15th (US date).

The public have also reported strange weather from the ground.

There is a huge interest in this article from around the world.

The e-mails and Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology explanation here.  The question again of HAARP has been raised. Full Update at

The Inquest Finding into the Sudden and Mysterious Death of Crop Circle, UFO and Conspiracies Researcher Paul Vigay Reaches National Headlines in Great Britain

The Inquest finding into the sudden and mysterious death of crop circles, UFO and Government Conspiracies researcher Paul Vigay hits national headlines in Great Britain today. I am informed there is more to come.....................Full update

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

British Media Coverage of the Inquest into Crop Circles and UFO Researcher Paul Vigay's Mysterious Death

Media coverage of the Inquest into the death of Crop Circles, UFO researcher Paul Vigay.

The newspaper "The News", Portsmouth, England.
Headline: Mystery remains over UFO expert found dead in sea.
Keep informed on this subject at:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Sudden Death Last Year of Well Known Crop Circle, UFO and Government Conspiracies Researcher Paul Vigay Acknowledged as a Mystery - Inquest Verdict

The inquest into the sudden death of my friend and fellow researcher Paul Vigay took place in Portsmouth, England Monday 18, January 2010.

Paul continues to be greatly missed by me and all who knew and loved him with his honesty and happy demeanor. Rumors naturally have abounded about what happened.

I have refrained from adding my own thoughts and concerns out of respect for Paul’s family, who have been through hell and back. I am aware that they have been living with certain facts that have made all this even harder than it might have been. These facts I will again leave to be spoken by them. I believe certain details surrounding the police investigation are going to be announced shortly after the Inquest outcome is published in the British media tomorrow (Wednesday 20th), meanwhile it is known that the inquest ............Holding statement at:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Australian Government weather observatory admit there was no weather over West Australia to cause the huge ring seen two days ago on radar.

The Australian Government weather observatory at Kalgoorlie and Giles in Western Australia state that there was no weather to reflect the huge ring effect over West Australia which appeared on satellite images two days ago and reported on this site. Recent update satellite imagery and the official reply can be seen here: NEW POSTINGS.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"There is strange weather happening here please check" - Huge ring appears over Australia, is HAARP involved?

After receiving an urgent e-mail from a contact in Australia informing me of bizarre weather on the weather satellite imagery, I checked out the data and just hours later more strangeness. I am waiting to hear from the Australian Government's weather bureau for their own explanation. See the images and e-mail at my website - select the heading above. Work in progress.

Posted Jan 16, 2010 - Colin Andrews

Friday, January 15, 2010

Something strange taking place over Australia as I speak - Huge ring appeared.

Appeal for additional data - Check Australian Radar/Satellite returns.

I just received this email from a person I know in Australia:
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2010 6:54:28 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Important and urgent for you to see.

My daughter is having her 21st party today, so over the week I have been keeping track of the weather using our meteorology site. I checked today and something incredible was happening.

The time nears. It is 10:48 am 16-1-10.  Hope these images work if not I will have to explain what I saw.

It is a very busy day for me so have to go. Hope this finds you now so you can see for yourself.
The satellite image was attached which shows a huge precise ring over the south west of Australia. This image will be posted along with any updates tomorrow (16th) on my website:

As soon as I saw the email I checked the national radar for Australia. The following is what I saw which I sent with my reply back to my contact:

Following up upon the huge ring which has appeared over Australia which you sent a short while ago:

Its still the 15th Jan here and Ive just checked the live radar returns from a satellite over your country - time here is now 10.41 pm US Eastern time (2241 hrs).

I agree something very odd is taking place. There is still the remnants of a huge wide band ring located over the south west of Australia which seems to me be also center of an counter-clockwise rotation (Depression). I have not scaled it but its several thousands of miles across. Not sure what will be showing when you get to check:

If you get an opportunity to make inquiries of your national met office I would be very interested to know how they explain this. My only thought at this point is a consequence of HAARP experiments or incomplete radar data - or something unknown.

I will appeal for data and comments via my blog site immediately.

My contact page will be given for any comments or data from those viewing the material:


Colin - sent: 15 Jan 2010 at 2246 hrs US Eastern time.
Note: All images and updates will appear on my website tomorrow (16th) - unfortunately I dont have access to the means to post them at this moment.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Terrible Earthquake - Global Consciousness random generators spiked red.

The Global Consciousness Project registered spikes from the worldwide series of random generators today. The feed seen on my website showed red for the first time I’ve seen this today. I don’t have access yet to the data before or at the exact time of this dreadful earthquake as yet.

Reports are being seen that show an estimated 500,000 might have died. As the magnitude of this quake is transmitted around the entire world, it is a consciousness impacting event that is thought effects the random generators. The feed can be checked on my site here:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Cause of Snow Crop Circles Discovered in England - Snow Rings a Rare Sight. 

Rare self-rolling giant snow balls found in UK.

They may look like winter's answer to crop circles, but these mysterious snow rolls are in fact a rare natural phenomenon usually found only in the world's most remote and frozen regions.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Editors with an agenda to re-write history at Wikipedia ? Who are they and what is going on? - Crop Circles and recent personal experiences.

By Colin Andrews
January 5, 2010.

The CIA have been busy: "Black September in Jordan" contains wholesale additions, with specific details that read like a popular history book or an eyewitness' memoir. Many more are simple copy edits, or additions to local town entries or school histories. One CIA entry deals with the details of lyrics sung in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode.

"Politics : Online Rights.
See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign. As has been previously reported, politician's offices are heavy users of the system. Former Montana Sen. Conrad Burns' office, for example, apparently changed one critical paragraph headed "A controversial voice" to "A voice for farmers,"
John Borland

"I invented the term 'Crop Circle' during the 1980s and hence was responsible for the term eventually entering the Oxford Dictionary in 1990. This used to be referenced on the 'crop circle' page at Wikipedia until one day last year (2009) it suddenly disappeared along with other important historical facts" I attempted to correct these and was told if I continued I would be banned.
Colin Andrews - Crop Circles

"On November 17th, 2005, an anonymous Wikipedia user deleted 15 paragraphs from an article on e-voting machine-vendor Diebold, excising an entire section critical of the company's machines. While anonymous, such changes typically leave behind digital fingerprints offering hints about the contributor, such as the location of the computer used to make the edits.

In this case, the changes came from an IP address reserved for the corporate offices of Diebold itself".
John Borland

"A BBC (UK) report on the same study, quotes Wikimedia UK as saying that it is seeking more expert contributors: “We're trying to engage a bit more at the moment with people who are very knowledgeable, people who are experts, so working with museums was the obvious next step,” said Michael Peel of Wikimedia UK.

Yet we know of many instances of expert knowledge being ignored and editors being barred for attempting to improve articles on which they are knowledgeable, especially if the topic of discussion is something "alternative" and believe me, it doesn't have to sway much from textbook descriptions to be labelled alternative! "
Dave Smith.

"For years I've engaged in a running battle with the nitwits who "edit" Wikipedia. They consistently trash any alternative subjects that challenge mainstream viewpoints. The hash they've made of my bio and of the Starchild's entry are both ludicrously wrong, and they refuse to change anything to the actual truth. Now we know why".
Lloyd Pye – Starchild

Full story at:

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is but a number - We could if we chose make it our salvation but waking up to the religious and political agenda's and working with tolerance is paramount .......Time is short.

2010 is but a number yet could be the most profound in human history if we chose to make it so. Waking up to the religious and political agenda's is paramount and working with tolerance .......Time is short.
Colin Andrews
January 1, 2010

Since visiting Australia many years ago and appearing on major television shows there including the Ray Martin show etc, I have received wonderful support and friendship from the Australian people.

One of these Aussies is a family man Allan.

He sent my wife Synthia and I warm words for the New Year and as I replied (below) I was deeply impacted by the profound feeling of how powerful his love and respect for our various views is and what simply numbers holds for us all. They can simply change our reality if we chose. If humanity could only see through the fog that is created by political and religious agendas and discord which feed off of our disharmony. We have all but time and special leadership needed to create coherence of like minds to activate the full potential of the transition now underway.

May I thank ever single person who has made the effort to seek truth and connect with me over the last three decades in our joint quest to quell the insanity and raise human consciousness which I believe can only come out of love and respect for each other. Each of us holds a beacon of light for the other when we behave with tolerance of the other persons views. May we forgive and repair each other and embrace the difficult times I believe are but short days ahead so that we may re-build for the good of all species sharing this wonderful home - Mother Earth.

Colin Andrews


My reply:

Hello Allan

We share but few words in this busy world but I have to say I cherish those that we do. Love, support and respect for each other holds a true value beyond words.

Thank you for being there and for holding a beacon of light.

2010 is but a number yet could be the most profound in human history if we chose to make it so.