Thursday, December 30, 2010

Colin Andrews: This is the state of our freedom as we enter 2011 - Jesse Ventura incensed by what he found when he went looking

Jesse Ventura incensed by what he found when he went looking for who was tracking him when he became governor - The Chips, Rocks filled with equipment, Corporate Spies working with the FBI and the ultimate agenda - Take the time to watch this video and check out the overlaps in William Pawelec statement and Ventura's findings.

This is the state of our freedom as we enter 2011.

The Evil Corporate Empire and its enslavement of our peoples reach critical mass. We ignore this or simply deny it at our peril.

Full Report and Video Interview select header above.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Billions of Human Implant Chips Ready: The inventors testimony before he died now released in CSETI Disclosure Video. Colin Andrews Reports

"At the top level confidential meeting, two guys turned up who nobody knew but they knew everything and had an agenda....later the chip showed up..............."

"Congressman Steven Shiff was probing where he should not have and mysteriously got an aggressive cancer" (note by CA: The same form of cancer as Colin Andrews who fortunately had it successfully removed in Yale medical center). Four of the individuals attached to the inception of Disclosure project suddenly discovered serious forms of cancer within days of each other – two died.

The story told here is scary and urgent – Human Implant Chips of which billions have been made by Siemens and mysteriously gone missing – who has them and what is the plan? The inventor who first had a close encounter with a UFO tells all and sanctioned this release after he died. Select header above.

Friday, December 24, 2010


To the several thousands of regular visitors to my website each day and to some who have generously made donations to sustain this research - To all of you a huge thank you and a peaceful Holiday.

We are entering a very critical time and we all know it. The next twelve months will not all be fun, as the trending of numerous constructs are still changing towards a new time ahead.

We are all in this together and so we must be sure our children are not just given hope for their future but that they are shown how important it is to care. The goal is that we will all come through without anyone left behind. Its when we stop caring that we hand everything over to those who have agendas geared for just that moment. Its not always clear where these agenda's are parked or who is behind them.

The next report which will be posted soon will be a very important and serious one to contemplate and so before we get back to our struggle for truth and peace at all levels of our society and while we can take a short break: Enjoy this beautiful version of Do You Hear What I Hear by my wonderful friend, Annie Haslam (Select header above)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Colin Andrews Reports: God's Dilemma. Who's troops does God protect?

"When we are praying for God to protect our troops, the other side is praying for God to protect their troops.

Since God created both sides it leaves God with a problem. Should God answer their prayers or our prayers?

Full article on The Bible, Karma, Kaballah – The Teachings and Hidden Meanings by Bill Donahue. Select heading above.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Do Not Fear, Its All Falling Apart for Re-Building: Sing Along and Celebrate Your Love, Peace & Harmony - Colin Andrews

Forms part of the 2012 Debate series - Transition has started.

The world sings along with Master Zhi Gang Sha.

It makes you feel good, touches deep emotions and speaks to your soul.

“I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love Peace and Harmony”.

Sing along (speakers on) Select heading above.

Dedicated to my lovely wife Synthia.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WikiLeaks: The World's First Digital War is Underway. Two Aussie's who Speak and Report it as it is : by Colin Andrews

Which ever way you frame it, WikiLeaks are not the source of the lies and deceptions are they.

Two Aussie's from down under show us that they are way more than a day ahead of us when it comes to finding truths the raw way - doing what you got to do. Which ever way you frame what is going on with the audacity to question the honesty of our military, our politicians, our religions and our big businesses,these two men are revealing from their own sources material that we should be gravely concerned about. How do you think we got into this massive mess, it wasn't by straight deals and people concerned for OUR welfare. We could easily accept the voices of those
exposed by this, to play it all down as unimportant and not new, what they have been saying in perfectly rehearsed chorus the whole week. Well not only is a lot of it new its dammed important also and there is more to come it appears - hence why it’s in the interest of the governments and businesses concerned to try and trash these guys and if possible incarcerate at least Assange.

There are many who cynically suspect the serious rape charge against Assange is more likely a CIA set up than anything else. Why in the world would we be thinking that!

So far Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard and Post Finance have all run scared and are drawing distance from WikiLeaks and supporting the attempts by the US to isolate them.

The United States Government are electronically attacking the WikiLeaks websites and in a counter attack supporting groups are attacking the supporters of the governments line, like MasterCard who's worldwide site has been crashed out of existence all day. They promise PayPal are next.

We also learn today that much of what WikiLeaks obtained and have published they did hacked from a Chinese government site which had hacked ahead of WikiLeaks. Yes, welcome to the 21st century and the first digital war which is now underway.

The following updates and statements by Australian Julian Assange and prize winning film-maker John Pilger makes the case better than any I’ve seen of how darned concerned we should all be about how our business is undertaken on this planet. The 2012 Debate highlighted on this site now takes a look at the Transition underway in politics………………..
Important updates and full article select heading above.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

WikiLeaks: Early Indications Very Serious for USA: They are spying on leading members of the United Nations - Diplomats told to spy on UK, China.......

Washington is running a secret intelligence campaign targeted at the leadership of the United Nations, including the secretary general, Ban Ki-moon and the permanent Security Council representatives from China, Russia, France and the UK.

The early indications following the extraordinary WikiLeaks today are that there are going to be very serious problems for US relations.

WikiLeaks and the Transition
Colin Andrews.

I think we should all support the idea of open transparent government and to expose illegal abuse of power like spying within the United Nations on our allies. I thought it was our duty as Americans to say STOP. The mass release of secret documents by WikiLeaks though pose threats to agents like former secret CIA agent Valerie Plame and is deplorable - but didn't the mirror just break demonstrating the hypocrisy of our times!!!!!. Its supposed to be acceptable though when those within the government do the same thing.

Its time for us to learn, we must do our business differently inside and outside of Government. Where is the humanity, the intelligence the respect in all this?

Understandably the American government is paranoid about its security, with its internal and external standing challenged in ways not seen before. Its to no ones advantage to tare ourselves apart by attacking each other but its also time to face up to the reasons for this mess. To be respected we must respect others and pull together. Our security is assured acting as one and talking to all.

The TRANSITION we are in has to be tackled together, there will be no other way to succeed. Currently the chips are stacked against humanity and so we better start the talking soon.

2012 Debate - Politics and the Transition. Who said 2012 was just another prophecy??

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you see what I see: Do you hear what I hear and do you know what I know?

For those of us who had a perfect day, remember our numbers are shrinking and for those who have plenty be prepared to share with those who had a bad one.

We see stripped naked the outcome of the multi-national business strategy of greed. We hear the screams of the millions, growing to billions who must now go without even the basics this Christmas and perhaps for many to come, because of those who managed this corrupt business fraternity, callously and deliberately entwined with our political system.Our people are now being held ransom by those within the financial system who have turned off the money supply as they adjust, if not panic to make what they can with what remains. Many would call them criminals and in a different environment and time they would be.

Those who built this system know this is the end game and their empires are falling apart. They have their new headquarters and new factories in distant lands and frankly don't care.

To understand how this happened not just to our families who are falling apart but countries too, we must be honest enough to identify the true cause so we can recover our communities and our hearts in time to rebuild while we have something to hold onto.

But do you see what I see; do you hear what I hear?

Families across the land are beginning to see and hear that our future rests within the vibrant and rewarding gift of sharing and fairness and by coming together into community as our market place. To hell with big business and to hell with a political system of men who will not free themselves from old arguments and corrupt associations. Old politics, hell bent to destroy each other and to oppose the other guy what ever his merit, is done. Too many urgent problems and not enough time for this garbage any longer.

At last do you see what I see and hear what I hear?

There is a real stirring in the valleys and on the plains and the mountains too. Let music be among the tools we use to bring together our peoples and direct our religious leaders toward love and respect for each other and our planet. Let the extremists fight among themselves.

Do you know what I know?

Patience and caring will be our savior as community begins to wag the tails of the big fat cats who got us here. It’s our birth right and our responsibility to hold the hands of our children and guide them to that place our mothers and fathers before us, thought they were fighting for before these calculated morons stole it from them and us to boot.

Don’t rely anymore upon those men in government who don’t seem capable of carrying out our work or do what it is we are yearning for, i.e: Moral progress.

What I know is that we can do this together; we the people with our families and our communities can take this machine back down to street level resolution and revolution. We can barter our skills and our efforts and forget those who have abandon us and moved their industrial bases to those distant lands. Now it’s our turn to fight back if necessary side
stepping them.

Love, respect and community along with the support and involvement of our local law enforcement, we, the people will do this.

The gifts of this transition will not come easy but there is no turning back. They cast the mould and broke us, and we must break the mould and again restore hope for our future.

Community, community, community.

Colin Andrews – Nov 23, 2010

(Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews
Co-Authors of The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Radar Smudge A Mystery As Sky Turns Orange Along East Coast Of Australia

Australia is still in the middle of inexplicable events surrounding its weather and what is in its skies – Colin Andrews
Something was in the air along the south east Queensland coast early on the 16th this week. It showed up on the radar and turned the sky orange - but exactly what it was has everyone baffled.

My research and investigation in to this incident and the many other unexplained surrounding the weather across Australia during the last year are on-going.

For some reason there is a real nervousness in the research community to get too close to this subject. Whether its talk of HAARP or the unknown or getting close to what might turn out to be a secret government weather control or other project, I don't know.

But the data gathered so far surrounding this latest series of events suggests some form of secret weather control or warfare is taking place. If a government or syndicate of governments agenda was to destroy the crops or water supply situation of the enemy and they were able to engineer the very weather system to do just that, would they?

Don't forget, your government can love you and heal you or hate you and destroy you and you have little direct say in either.

Perhaps we should be looking downstream from the weather to see who the enemies might be?

- Colin Andrews, Nov 2010

*PS: It’s not as if there is a mundane explanation to these events. After all the government themselves say they don't know what is causing the "interferences" but rather than open up data archives for research they are closing them down.
Full Report along with satellite images of the strange orange cloud and what became one of the biggest rain makers on the planet within hours – weather war or weather control? Select header above.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Colin Andrews Report: TSA Full Body Pat Down Gone Too Far - Shocking Things Are Happening as Breasts and Genitals Become Fair Game.

As usual the huge over-reaction to security concerns have gone way too far. We wait to see how long it will be before the other body crevice is examined, the only one as yet exempt. I'm told tampons are already seen as problematic and they would rather they not be installed because they could in fact be packed with explosives. Its all become insane and unnecessary, and should be challenged by numerous lawsuit's before they inch one more round on the belt to enslavement. Oh to be free! -
Colin Andrews

Full report select heading above.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ratchel Maddow nails what is wrong with todays politics in the United States and how hard it has become to debunk the spin and lies.- By Colin Andrews

Let it at least be truths that separate us.
By Colin Andrews.

The Transition we are in: Political Beliefs - Ratchel Maddow nails what is wrong with todays politics in the United States and how hard it has become to debunk the spin and lies."The Closed Circuit of the Conservative Right - Nailed" - We must find a way through this fabricated delusional game because there is way too much at stake.

My family and friends are not alone in trying desperately to identify what it is that causes someof us to view the world around us so differently from others. In circumstances where you would think we would all agree, we don't, and not just a little but a lot. Things like caring for our sick and elderly or our planet, for our country or our jobs.

The political scene is a true mystery to me, only in recent years have I noticed such a strange and extreme disparity like on how we cant even agree on the so called evidence to take our country once again to war or even how to provide health care for the sick and needy or indeed support our President who was elected by the people to serve us all during extreme times. I am not going to chance any talk of race at this point but in my opinion its in this equation and shamefully so.

I have been asking questions and politely pursuing why this gap of perception has become so very noticeable in the last 5-8 years or so. I had never seen before so many occasions when intelligent people armed with the same so called facts would so strongly reason them differently. It has become more like a DNA wiring than an intellectual exchange - Why, whats going on? Each side feeling: "How can I talk to these people"?.

It was not until I watched this excellent piece from Rachel Maddow that I saw indeed she had nailed the reason. Its because agenda's are being supported by self spun trash and massaged into facts within the media system and re-circulated as facts for real. But behind this we truly have two different groups of people. The division of the groups feed in different ways on the spin and lies, the fabrications from both Republican and Democratic ends of American politics - This is today's example from the perspective of one TV journalists, Ratchel Maddow, if anyone out there would like to present the same reasoning and facts from the Republican camp I will happily post it.

What is important here is that this country, in fact the world, is in a very deep and serious hole and only when we have truth on which to reason our political discussion can we move forward with any level of confidence to resolve our numerous problems.

This belief by politicians that they need to be seen to oppose and disagree with the other guy to be doing their job, is Stone-age thinking. In this over populated and delusional but complex world, time is running out fast and so we MUST demand truth and compromise on ALL fronts and dammed soon. Think about our children, our planet and get involved.

TRY and turn off any particular political bend as you watch this because for me Rachel Maddow has nailed our most immediate problem. Select headline above for the full report and Rachel Maddow video.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Strange Cases of Weird Beings on Film

Film Makers asks is this woman who appears to be talking on a cell phone in the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film a Time Traveler?
Watch what appears to be a typical grey alien caught on film during a television interview.
Re-visiting a case of a photograph taken during 1964 by a fireman of his daughter on which a Tall Being is seen behind her - an identical being was seen during a NASA rocket firing in Australia years ago.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Colin Andrews: WikiLeaks - A Nation that takes its young to war have to answer the serious moral question now posed.

UPDATE:By Colin Andrews

I am all for The Truth.To be proud of a nation who take their treasured young to war we must be assured we have the true reasons for that terrible decision. That nation must be seen to have taken the high ground and to be seen to be honorable in its final act. Any smell of dishonesty or hidden agendas will ultimately come home to undermine their position. If that nation is shown to have lied to its young fighting men and woman and to its people it has much more than an image problem but a moral one with profound implications.

It is irresponsible of those who know truths such as those leaked today not to reveal them.

I cant imagine a head of state signing onto the kinds of war crimes and lies today's revelations appear to show or is it that each in turn are forced to do so because the consequences for the United States moral position in the world would be catastrophic if they didnt. WHO ARE these people deep within the US government who decide to lie and cover up such profound truths surrounding unclear agendas? This national disgrace goes well beyond a Hollywood style rescue of Jessica Lynch (A staged event) or the shooting of Pat Tillman by the enemy (another lie), this is about the honer of the nation itself we are talking about here.

Bradley Manning who allegedly made some of today's truths known via WikiLeaks is in prison. This is a crime in of itself. Whistle blowers like this are the true hero's in this mess.

By Colin Andrews - A very concerned citizen
October 23, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Colin Andrews: WikiLeaks v United States Government “Irresponsibility” ??????

A Nation besotted by hidden agenda's and Secrecy - All in our own interest (We are told) - Just today, two announcements that highlight the darkness cast by this culture of secrecy by people we are not even allowed to see but we pay. Irresponsibility ?

The United States Government call WikiLeaks “Irresponsible” for the major planned announcement about the US secret documents, when this same government continue to systematically block patents by scientists who are trying to resolve the planet’s urgent need for efficient energy devices. Irresponsibility lay where? More evidence of the hall of mirrors we are passing through. Full article select header.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Colin Andrews reveals his findings after 30 years research into Crop Circles and the UFO - New DVD

Colin Andrews has just returned home after four presentations revealing his final conclusions after three decades of intensive and costly research. He showed startling evidence of an entwind human and non human intelligence engaging all sides of the crop circle and UFO subjects - the observers, researchers and the ETs working together on a plan with a strict time line. The 2012 - 2033 period is where it all comes together and where we fail or succeed our children and our planet. The presentations in Arizona, Malta and Connecticut, were well received with the final delivery of this piece of work being filmed for release soon on DVD. Already orders are coming in for this limited edition. Anyone interested should please send a note using the contact button on his webpage.
What Just Happened to The Sun?

2012 Debate (Solar Cycle 24) - Huge ring appeared on the Sun.
New Crop Circle Design discovered by Busty Taylor in tall Maize plants in England.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colin Andrews returns from Malta - Connecticut Presentation today

Synthia and Colin Andrews have returned safely from the International 'A Positive Outcome' Conference in Malta. Today at 2.0 PM Colin will make his last presentation for a while in his home state of Connecticut, USA.

This will be a no holding back presentation - Started at 2.0 PM near Madison, CT for anyone nearby.

Its a spectacular day with the golden Sugar Maple showing in full glory and the venue in a magnificent New England barn.

Hope to see you there (select link above).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

News Flash: Thousands witness UFOs over Tucson, USA and China close air space - Also appeal for equipment

Huge number of people call authorities around Tucson, Arizona to report Triangular UFO - Coincidentally very nearby Colin Andrews was presenting material at the same time on this same shaped object at the CSETI Conference with Dr. Steven Greer, Richard Hoagland and Dr. Ted Loder. The first wave of reports started a few days ago.

China close air space over airfield for the second time in recent weeks as UFO is seen sending bright beams down to Earth.

A special appeal for equipment – for more select header above.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Colin Andrews Posting: Three Important Presentations - The Message Is In. THIS IS THE MOMENT

Latest News
*Its a pivotal time for humanity. The message is now clear. After 30 years research, the message is in…….

Colin Andrews will make the three most important presentations he has ever made in the coming few days - this might be your opportunity to be fully informed and prepared. But this message did not come from the Pentagon or the Vatican:

Colin leaves in a few hours for the first presentation with the evidence and the message which will be shown at the international 'Contact'conference in Rio Rico, in the Arizona Desert. On then immediately to another International conference in Malta and back to a wonderful setting in Connecticut, USA.

Check out NEW POSTINGS – select header above.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Former Chairman of The Centre for Crop Circle Studies steps forward and questions Nancy Tabott and BLT research.

Former Chairman of The Centre for Crop Circle Studies steps forward and questions Nancy Tabott and BLT research.
"Is this a neat smokescreen to cover up their inaccuracies as typos perhaps?"

This article is in response to recent claim and counterclaim on the internet. The first part is an excerpt from a page on face book, but relates to BLTs published material available elsewhere on the net. I also refer to recent news that a conference has been called off because some people took exception to another presenter.

BLT's Nancy Talbott responds to questions about published papers by Report A Crop Circle Formation on Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 11:02pm “......And if some of the lay-people involved in the crop circle situation are themselves raising questions about the scientific work, such questions are basically insignificant...precisely because these lay-people do not have the academic or scientific training needed to correctly understand what the published material actual says.”

Before everyone gets too excited, I am merely using BLT’s statements as an indication of the type of problems we encounter when we delve into the crop circle mystery.

Full report:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Colin Andrews: Former Senior Military Officers and other United States Government witnesses say UFO's circumvented secret controls to Nuclear war heads.

Aliens Are Monitoring Our Nukes, Worry Ex-Air Force Officers.

Captain Robert Salas was on duty in Montana in 1967 when a UFO shut down the nuclear missiles on his base. And he's hardly the only one to make such a claim.

On Monday, six former U.S. Air Force officers and one former enlisted man will break their silence about similar events at the National Press Club, all centering around unidentified flying objects and nuclear missiles. They plan to urge the government to publicly confirm the incidents,stating that they were ordered never to discuss the events.

"We're talking about unidentified flying objects, as simple as that," Salas told "They're often known as UFOs, you could call them that," he added. Salas, a former U.S. Air Force nuclear missile launch officer, will host the event along with researcher Robert Hastings, author of "UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites.

According to the pair, witness testimony from more than 120 former or retired military personnel points to an ongoing and alarming intervention by unidentified aerial objects at nuclear weapons sites, as recently as 2003. In some cases, several nuclear missiles simultaneously and inexplicably malfunctioned while a disc-shaped object silently hovered nearby.

"I was on duty when an object came over and hovered directly over the site," Salas said, regarding the March 16, 1967, event at Malmstrom AFB in Montana. "The missiles shut down……………………..Full report regarding today’s press conference in Washington D.C. :


The Neurons that Shaped Civilization

For those attending my next three presentations in Rio Rico, Arizona (next weekend) and Malta the week end after, the presentations below by Neurologist Dr. V.S.Ramachandran are essential watching. My view that people making crop circles, those researching them and the public viewing them are all essentially part of a single over all process - This evolving process is a vital one for the period we live:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Strange goings on the M6 Motorway UK - Development: Strange 'something' caught on film.

A new development in the Swedish Twins incident on the M6 motorway in England.

Caught on the official camera footage.Watch the sequence. What is this dark snake like vortex spewing over the guard rail near the twins?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Colin Andrews Posting: Another Urgent Warning about Mother Earth from the Kogi Mamos.

The Kogi are the last surviving civilization from the world of the Inca and Aztec, and their cities are untouched by our world.

Their spiritual leaders, called Mamos, are raised in complete darkness for their first 18 years, where they are trained to communicate with ‘"ALUNA’, what they understand to be the governing forces of the world. They then become Mamos (Enlightened Ones). Some work at remote places which they call “hot spots”, where they believe living energy pours into the world. They guard their isolation and secrecy so that they can continue this work. But now they believe their work has become impossible in the face of our destructive greed, and that the earth itself is on the edge of apocalyptic collapse.........

Read more and visit the site where you can hear LIVE on Sept 22, 2010 the Kogi Jacinto Zarabata deliver a message via the world wide web.

Comments By Colin Andrews:

Nineteen years ago I watched a BBC television documentary which changed significant parts of my life. The program was called From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brother’s Warning.

The deeply touching and impacting program was presented by Alan Ereira and it showed him meeting the elders at the entrance to the vine constructed bridge onto the mountain where they live. The reason the Mamos" called for this urgent and unique meeting was to warn Little Brother that the snow had stopped falling on their mountain tops, "Mothers Waters" had stopped flowing and she showed signs of dying. In short they were witnessing signs that concerned them and they had information they had to convey to the unwise Little Brother.

I did my best to draw attention to their message for many years, where ever I found myself presenting. My own opinion about the environment and mans part in it, agreed with this dramatic and heartfelt message from the Kogi and still does.

I was honored to be a member of the welcoming party to meet the Kogi delegation……………..Full story select header above.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Colin Andrews Facebook Page Hacked - Decided to close account.


My Facebook page has been hacked and security compromised as well as a malicious message tagged as 'Colin Likes' placed on my page and sent out to many friends and family. This page is connected with a sex site as well as a virus. I have decided regrettably to remove myself from Facebook with
immediate effect. I am sorry to leave many friends and family there. This is another sign of the struggle we have in utilizing an amazing communication network in a digital world also in the hands of a few sick people. The work goes on. Colin Andrews, Sept 20, 2010.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colin Andrews Comments Upon People Who Make Crop Circles - In Particular the Recent Interview with Matthew Williams by The Polite Skeptic

Comments By Colin Andrews
September 19, 2010

I have said in my presentations for over a decade now that people that make crop circles are an essential part of the education process when studying the entire mystery. I admit I was a long time coming to that place myself, 16 years in fact .

The crop circle mystery is multiplexed and does not simply involve flattened plants, many by people and a few not.

As well as plants flattened to form designs, the phenomenon involves the UFO, electromagnetic effects, missing time, Extraterrestrial beings, health effects, Inexplicable interference in the human brain and all this around interplay between a hard core of deceivers within the research community and people making circles and yes some unexplained designs. The believers and human circle-makers both hold important pieces of the whole and its only by studying both we get to see the most extraordinary picture emerging. This truth would be denied us if we all listened to just one side, the hard core cabal who for years have censored out of the public domain all references to hoaxing because it hurts their pockets. Crop Circles is good business for the closed shop cabal most of whom live in that small area in southern England.
I have never made it my business to attack these people, they know who they are and it is on their conscience. Worth saying that the higher forces at work here also knows who they are and the position they have chosen to take.
We are being challenged to be truthful and produce a coherence in integrity and to develop the intuitive process - The urge to go outside when a UFO happens to show up is I suggest no different to an urge to make a crop circle design that is being requested (by whom?) and construct it in a particular place. The person getting the urge believes they have just gotten an idea and a feeling which runs according to a plan which selects a design and a place and date to create it.
Logic says that this is all part of their own normal mental faculty - My suggestion is that this is not the case. This I will go into more depth in my upcoming presentations and a future article.

Having had several inexplicable experiences myself and studied many that have happened to others including people like Matthew, I have no doubt that we are ALL involved in the development of human consciousness and the incredible transition now taking place throughout humanity. This I am actually convinced is the case and similar processes are underway throughout all our activities on this planet. A new and very different human condition is forming before our very eyes. As it happens I am not talking about the 2012 Mayan Prophecy but in many ways I could just as easily be doing so. Unprecedented changes are coming.
As strange as it might seem to some, in my nearly 30 years researching all angles of this mystery, Ive come to have more respect for the honesty of people like Matthew Williams than I do for the hard core 'cabal' who continue to deliberately deceive the public during conferences set up in Wiltshire and Somerset, England aimed at making money from the thousands seeking answers. The aim of these conferences is to play up mystery and play down facts - hence an inaccurate picture is given to those who seek answers. No need for making a mystery up when a truly amazing one exists in man-made circles but are out of sight to those who close the doors on the other half of this equation.
The Cabal are a closed shop syndicate of people who work with unwritten agreements to promote the crop circle patterns via photos, mugs, post cards, books, radio programs and websites - Their own. I am told that certain undercover investigations are underway into alleged ties between some of those making circles with those photographing them, posting them on the world-wide web and those who run crop circle organizations and conferences.
Its a murky scene that only humans know how to sink into and its not for me.
The great thing about this subject is that a higher hand is dealing the cards and observes our ability to remedy dishonesty and deception with truth and integrity and also in the process of recognizing the effects of intuition (often observed as urge) when the two sides of this equation come together. Humanity will survive the massive changes if we can resolve to respect each other, our animals, our plant and sea life. This is the cross roads.
We will do well to allow Matthew Williams and other circlemakers to discuss their own experiences, because they have very important information to convey. Some of them have held out their hands for a long while. Now who is it that needs to face the mirror?

Read Full article and also Matthew Williams Interview by selecting the heading above.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Case of Walking Dead - I84 Connecticut - Who are These People?

This bizarre incident follows a report I posted recently about what seemed impossible odds of Swedish twins who deliberately ran into fast traffic three times and almost certain death but survived - one walking away after fighting police.

A Retired Policeman with 20 years experience said:

"The body that was attached to those legs exited the Nissan in slow motion.......stopping in a motionless heap against the center barrier."………………………

"The victim regained consciousness.......the supposedly injured party then got to his feet and walked across the highway to the driver's door of my vehicle"………………………………

"After having spent 20 years as a police officer on patrol , I can recognize a seriously injured person. And he was a seriously injured person." Full report select header above.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Crop Circles and UFO fan also 'The Troggs' singer Reg Presley Has Suffered a Serious Stroke.

My close friend Reg Presley of the famous 60s pop group 'The Troggs' has suffered a serious stroke while in Spain. I spoke with his wife Bren and Reg himself tonight and ............. Full report along with Reg's condition and photo album: Select Header above.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Crop Circles : BLT's Own Primary Sampling Team in U.K. Had Grave Suspicions and Speaks Out

I am sorry to say I don`t have any of the reports that I received from BLT not that there were that many anyway, we never seemed to get much in return for all the work we did for them.

I do remember that the samples that we took from some wind damage and the circle that James and I made that time near Danebury Ring, according to Levengood.......... See in full on website by selecting heading above.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life Threatening Hurricane Earl – Precautions close website.

Posted 1340 hrs Sept 1, 12010 – US-eastern.
Things can change but at this moment we are too close for comfort to serious hurricane Earl which is moving towards us. Preparations are in full swing for the safety of our animals and us. This website will be back after the storm passes. Fingers crossed!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

New documents show Colin Andrews tried to alert BLT and Nancy Talbott - Also an astounding incident involving two telepathic unworldly woman on M6 in UK

August 30, 2010
Hurricane Earl could make a catastrophic hit on US East Coast - WARNING TAKE STEPS.
New documents released that show Colin Andrews made repeated attempts to alert Nancy Talbott and William Levengood at BLT to its problem and asked them to view the blind test video. See latest.
Colin joins Dr. Steven Greer on The World Puja Network Radio tomorrow which will be aired September 10th. The BLT work will be amongst the issues covered. 2010 and what is behind the people and the mystery.
COMING SOON: An astounding incident on the M6 motorway in England. Two woman exhibit telepathic connection and super human abilities, some would say demonic. A shocking case which some believe was a scheduled event which even the police became part of. Some think that the woman were not of this Earth. You will be shocked as the whole series of events are caught on film. Colin Andrews website shows an actual photograph taken at the scene………..Select header for more.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crop Circles: Nancy Talbott and BLT got it wrong and they should just admit it.

"Nancy Talbott recently posted a statement appearing on Facebook which suggested that public questions about BLT's protocol were "insignificant" because lay people don't have the scientific knowledge to understand.

She further claimed that challenges must contain replicated experiments to be valid.

Her approach I considered was patronizing and arrogant, so I felt justified in revealing some firm facts which cast doubt on BLT and Levengood's work - information that I have sensitively kept out of the public domain for many years. Talbott fails to include in her provisions for significant challenges the importance of using double blind protocols in evaluating the scientific merit of experimental results, something Levengood refused to participate in.

I therefore set out my views on another section of the same Report a Crop Circle Facebook page and it was picked up and circulated round the net by retired journalist Dave Haith from the UK.

Below I run his report on the affair and then at the bottom of his report I reproduce the two statements - Nancy's and mine - which have caused all the fuss.

I am awaiting Nancy's defense of this - if she has one - but apparently she has declined to publicly comment further on the issue to Dave.

She asks that people address their questions to her directly through the "Report a Crop Circle" form on the BLT web-site.

This seems a very strange way of dealing with a black and white issue now in the public domain, but I will do as she suggests and challenge her via her website form.

If I and others do not get a satisfactory response, then folk must draw their own conclusions.

But it truly is time for the full truth to be told".

Colin Andrews

Continued with Dave Haith:

Two Crop Circle Experts Lock Horns
By David Haith
August 26, 2010

The croppie world awaits with bated breath the next move in a controversy which has arisen between two top researchers of the phenomena, Nancy Talbott of the BLT group and Colin Andrews.

Colin says some of the conclusions of BLT's researcher William Levengood are plain wrong and the group should admit the mistake.

He claims to have filmed proof that circle plants Levengood said showed good evidence of the genuine "crop circle making energy" were in fact from a fake circle made by Nancy's own plant samplers.

Nancy sparked the dispute in a piece she wrote for the Report a Crop Circle Facebook page responding to questions about published papers by her BLT group.

She suggested "No reputable professional scientist would challenge already published work without having carried out research replicating the research they are challenging"

She adds: "And if some of the lay-people involved in the crop circle situation are themselves raising questions about the scientific work, such questions are basically insignificant...precisely because these lay-people do not have the academic or scientific training needed to correctly understand what the published material actual says."

But weighing in with his own statement headed: "BLT got it wrong and should admit it and move on", Colin argues: "It does not always necessitate replication of a finding to prove the scientist is heading down the wrong road".

He claims he filmed Nancy's crop circle samplers making a crop circle, sending samples to her from it and then finally viewing Levengood's findings back to them.

Writes Colin: "Mr. Levengood concluded that the plants from this circle were……….....Read full story with the evidence by selecting the heading above.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dr. Synthia and Colin Andrews Presentations to the children of Romania now posted. World Genesis Foundation - United Nations, Embassador for Youth Program

Letter of thanks from:
David Lewis Anderson, Ph.D.
President and CEO, The World Genesis Foundation
United Nations, Ambassador for Youth.
August 16, 2010.

Hello Mr. Andrews,

On behalf of the youth in Romania, the World Genesis Foundation and the United Nations UNESCO) we want to thank you again for your support. Your presentation about Crop Circles had a very positive impact, inspiring the youth and stimulating many interesting discussions for many days.

Your participation and messages were a high point for the youth and managers attending the Academy this summer. Links to a press release announcing your support, videos of your presentation, and other related links are provided below. If we can provide any other support or
information, please let us know.



These new presentations speak to world events, human consciousness, The Akashic Record, Signs of Change and the 2012 Transition. Also a very important series of findings related to TRUTH - INTUITION and 2033, part of trending of humanity's coherence of consciousness. A troubling time now and ahead but a prize awaits our struggle with ourselves and our past actions.

The presentations by Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews have now been released by The World Genesis Foundation - United Nations Ambassador for Youth organizations and can be watched by selecting the headline above.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Planet in Crisis - A price to pay for political crime executed on us at Copenhagen climate change conference

It's been a summer of near biblical climatic havoc across the
planet, with wildfires, heat and smog in Russia and killer floods
in Asia. But the moment the Petermann glacier cracked last
week — creating the biggest Arctic ice island in half a century
— may symbolize a warming world like no other..........A compilation
By Colin Andrews Select header for full story.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Report from England & Wales: UFOs, ETs, Crop Circles and Signs of Change everywhere. Another Policeman witnesses ET.

Brief Report from The United Kingdom
Wednesday July 28, 2010

My wife Synthia and I arrived last week Wednesday 21st at London’s Heathrow Airport on a Virgin Airline’s flight from hell. I don’t mean the departure city of New York was the place of hell, but the flight was. New York, like many parts of the United States, was suffering a heat wave and sitting on the tarmac before taking off with cabin temperatures well over 100 degrees (F) was not only horrible, it was frightening. With no air conditioning working and seats so close that my near six-foot tall body was forced to form a ‘Z’ to even fit the space, the scene was set. Babies crying, everyone flapping magazines and safety cards next to their faces to stay conscious; it was truly the worst set of conditions I’ve experienced in several decades of international flying. Without spending a second more on this, it seems the primary thing to learn was about the aircraft itself; don’t fly on an Airbus. On to the research.

I saw my first crop formation on the flight in as the Airbus dropped below 20,000 feet on our descent towards London. The aircraft flew just south of the huge bridge carrying the M4 motorway between south Wales and South West England. The design (shown as # 43 here: ), which looks like rippling waves from two pebbles thrown into a pond and coming together in an interference pattern, was just visible as a patch in the field. Unfortunately, due to our schedule that was to be the closest we would get to that crop circle design!

By Friday July 23rd, we were able to inspect two significant patterns. Both were 3-D designs, one at Danebury Ring near Andover, Hampshire ( # 36 ) and the other (# 42 ) near Fosbury. I have fond memories of Danebury Ring, a wonderful iron age hill fort where my parents used to take us kids for picnics as we lived a few miles south in the village of Enham. The crop circle phenomenon has been a wonderful tool to bring families back out into the countryside and we have remarked on more than one occasion that we rarely see people without their children in the fields. The designs seem to have something for all ages.

On Friday evening we joined Dr. Simeon Hein and Busty Taylor with their wonderful group who were touring the circles and ancient sites. Simeon and Busty had arranged private access into Stonehenge just before Sunset, a great experience we were privileged to have. It’s hard now to consider that the fenced-in stones we are not allowed to touch were the site of more childhood picnics. Mum and Dad used to cut sandwiches and pour from a flask of coffee as we used the fallen stones for our picnic table. This place always brings back happy memories. These days though, even with a pass to be inside the fencing and among the stones, security guards stand nearby to ensure that no one touches them. No hands, no leaning on stones, no burying crystals and the like, etc…

Through meditation and inner silence, I have always tried to feel connection with the stones, which sometimes was very difficult, but this visit was different. The stones were purring. I got the sense that if I could hear what I was feeling, the stones would be buzzing. It’s the feeling cat owners know, when after a busy day the cat sits on your lap in total contentment, connecting with you. Their purring creates coherence between you and nature that can induce an altered state and send you to other realms or even to sleep; that was what was happening at Stonehenge this time.

Saturday morning (July 24) was an early start to a meeting I had arranged with Phil Hoyle, the primary researcher investigating increasing numbers of UFO reports in Wales. Synthia and I left Andover in Hampshire and headed to Marlborough in Wiltshire to collect the group with Dr. Simeon Hein and Busty Taylor. We drove in convoy to Presteigne, central south Wales where people have been experiencing a wide range of events, including farmers seeing lights and beams both above and inside their fields at night, followed by dead and mutilated sheep. The reports seem to follow the classic animal mutilation scenarios that have occurred in many countries, especially the United States. Phil graciously agreed to my request to set up a meeting with some of the eyewitnesses.

Assembled in the town’s Memorial Hall was Bill (surname withheld), a retired Aerospace Engineer, Doris Matthews, a housewife and Ken (surname withheld), a retired police officer, each with an extraordinary experience to share. Joining us were my long time friend and researcher Paul Anderson, and Philip Goodyear, a CSETI (UK) member who had just left Dr. Steven Greer (now on his way back to the USA).

Phil Hoyle gave us general background to the range of experiences reported in the vicinity around Raydnor Forest and a little beyond before introducing the eyewitnesses. He explained that another important witness who was planning to attend was unable to at the last moment; this was one of the farmers who had observed the lights in his fields and found mutilated sheep on his farm

We spent several hours listening to, and asking questions of, the witnesses.

Bill, an aerospace engineer and manager, spoke of a lifelong interest in the sky and space in general after his father had an unusual sighting when Bill was a child. With a 360 degree view from his home on a hillside at Builth Wells, Powys, Wales, Bill made it his practice to end each day looking into the dark night sky. Apart from aircraft and satellites, he saw nothing unusual until the 1st June, 2009, when, during his usual evening survey, he was shocked to see a large white glowing disc-shaped object above a tree about 300 feet away from him. It was huge, he said, and “as soon as I caught sight of it, it sped away at colossal speed.” It had no sound and when asked, Bill acknowledged that he had the distinct impression that ‘it’ knew he was there and left because he had spotted it.

Doris Matthews told us that she was being driven by her daughter along a quiet road when they were surrounded by flashes of light coming from above them, although they could not see the source. The flashes stayed with them as if an object was directly over their car. Doris wanted to get out and confront the object, or at least see what it was, but her daughter was terrified and speed faster and faster towards Doris’s home. The lights stayed overhead. Before they reached the house, a mist suddenly enveloped them and a bright light illuminated them and their surroundings such that it was brighter than day. Doris claimed that it was so bright she could see every detail on the houses, etc. Another person travelling in the area reported an identical experience that same night. Doris reported her case to the police and an investigation was conducted although nothing was concluded.

Doris described a nasty boil-like wound that developed afterwards on her chest, requiring medical attention. Her car also had a strange burn mark on the hood which was analyzed by the police with no result. The wound turned out to be a very deep infection that was difficult to heal, requiring daily packing for several months. The scar is still there. Her daughter has been experiencing strange occurrences around her home since this event took place. This reminded me of other witnesses who have also reported that they seemed to have taken ‘something’ home with them from their encounters.

To name two such cases, the Joyce Bowles encounter with tall beings near Winchester in 1976 and the Wiltshire policeman who witnessed three tall beings next to Silbury Hill a year ago. (See report on the website: )

Next at the meeting to share his experience was another former policeman, Ken, who had his encounter on the outskirts of Bristol while driving home after his work shift. He was passing the entrance gate of a research facility when he saw an eight-to-nine foot tall being. With no other vocabulary to express it, he called the being a ‘spaceman’. The being was wearing a one-piece suite and a helmet with a black visor over his eyes. Ken said that as he was not on duty and had no idea what he was looking at, he went straight home, arriving still in shock. Although he told his wife, who did not believe it, he decided not to make an official report fearing professional repercussions. The next day he learned from the newspaper of two other people who reported seeing a ‘spaceman’ looking into their car at Chilcomb, near Winchester, after their car engine failed. Ken was reading about the famous Joyce Boyles and Ted Pratt encounter mentioned above. Both Ken’s event and theirs happened the same night in 1976. Chilcomb is about seventy miles southeast of Bristol.

In a separate event, on the 31st December last year at St. Harmon, Powys, Wales, Ken’s son came rushing in from the quiet cul-de-sac where they lived calling for Ken to go outside and look at an object in the sky that had the whole street outside. Ken said that he could not believe what was going on. Lots of the neighbours were out in the street watching a large orange ball-shaped object which had landed at the end of the street [distance to be clarified? ]. A neighbour had a tripod and telescope set up and Ken was able to look through it at the object. He said it was very bright and looked liquid due to the movement within it. Although he had not thought about it before, hearing Doris’s account made him wonder about a skin cancer under his right eye which has been surgically removed two times and yet keeps returning. Phil pointed out that there was at least 20 years between Ken’s sighting in 76 and the arrival of the cancer.

Phil spoke of the on going experiences of farmers in the area who continue to report mutilated sheep and strange lights. The lights have now been captured on film by Phil and the team of researchers he works with.

Although the stories people told were captivating, the greatest effect for Synthia and me wasn’t from the events, but from the impact the events clearly had on these ordinary people in extraordinary situations. These people’s lives were completely altered and the emotion the events still carried for them was touching. Ken, Bill and Doris had not met each other before this meeting, and as each told their story, the others learned something about their own experience that they hadn’t realized. The authenticity of each person’s reaction as we watched them put pieces together made this remarkable.

After the meeting Simeon and Busty departed with their group to Wiltshire as Synthia and I headed northwest to the Welsh coast near Aberystwyth. We dropped in to visit four standing stones near Raydnor, set quietly in the countryside next to a farm house. We have spent meditation time with these truly wonderful stones before, but this time, as with Stonehenge a couple hundred miles away, the connection was more alive than ever before. Very pleasant and peaceful. We also stopped in to meditate at The Pales, a Quaker meeting house at the top of the mountain range, looking down over the Valley. Synthia has always aligned with Quaker practice and we were reminded of the principles of living according to our inner truth and not deferring to those in positions of power, or supporting institutions, who perpetuate injustice on the planet. An extraordinary day.

Yesterday (27th) we spent the day with Jan Delgado, the daughter of the late Pat Delgado, my friend and first co-author. We visited the high-strangeness area of Silbury Hill and West Kennett Long Barrow and also spent time conducting an experiment in a new crop circle design found in the South Field at Alton Barnes (see at: ). Before the passing of Paul Vigay followed by Pat Delgado, the three of us had formulated a new series of experiments with sound. Pat had already recorded sounds emanating from trees at Cheesefoot Head which were very similar to the recordings of sounds secured in crop circles back in the 1980’s. (See here on web site for more on tree trilling: ). Synthia, Jan and I attempted to carry out some of the protocol using ground probes in this crop circle.

This description of events, especially the eyewitness accounts, is only a partial reporting. A detailed report will follow on my return to the USA.: HERE.

Colin Andrews
July 28, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

VERY GOOD AND VERY BAD NEWS AND ITS ALL IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. Also Opinions about Michael Glickman/Gary King behavior - Conference Cancelled

VERY GOOD AND VERY BAD NEWS AND ITS ALL IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. The good news is that the gushing oil well has been stopped, at least temporarily. The bad news, very bad, comes from scientists that the Gulf Stream has shown definite signs of terminating or seriously modifying - that is VERY SERIOUS INDEED. Full story go to New Postings.
With reports of a new crop circle discovery at Clifton, West Yorkshire, we see that the numbers of crop circles are way down on previous years in almost every country that has previously reported them. Also the long standing 'hot spot' of reports from north Wiltshire has also disappeared - or at least as it stands today. New Circles from Switzerland and Germany…………….View in New Postings.
UPDATED: Outrage expressed by many by the demands of Michael Glickman and Gary King to remove Colin Andrews from an International Conference in England resulting in its cancellation.
E-mails and some of the links following this: New Postings

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The first Alert Level 9 issued for Religious Discord - Next 20 Days

Only one Alert of any kind has been issued using criteria established during Operation White Crow in 1989. The first Unexplained Phenomena Alert level 10 (red) was issued on the 5th July 2009 specifically to take place in the area around Silbury Hill, England on the 7th July. As we learned hours later that indeed at that exact location a Wiltshire Policeman
witnessed three Tall Beings, still being investigated today.

The new Alert level 9 is for Religious Discord especially within the Roman Catholic Church coming out of England above and go to New Postings only.

Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 International Crop Circles Conference in England CANCELLED following attempts to dictate the program.

The Future Is Underway:

“Power Places Tours Program Directors were contacted by Michael Glickman and Gary King who were also speaking at the conference, insisting that I be removed from the ticket or they would not present. Power Places Tours Directors refused to do this, deciding instead to cancel the entire Conference".

The situation we find ourselves in is not unexpected. It fits perfectly into the discussion of “2012” and the transitional period we are in. This is a time when old structures of deceit and manipulation are failing. Transformation into new and better structures for the future is underway. What the future will look like depends on what we create in the actions and decisions we make today. It depends on freedom of thought, freedom of information and freedom of spirit. This is what my research has been based on.

The Future is taking effect as old feathers fall by the wayside – "2012" and beyond gives great hope for our children.

Power Places Tours have never experienced anything like this before nor have I. It’s extraordinary to consider that an institution that has engaged high caliber people to dialogue and present for them such as His Holiness, the Dala Lama, Mrs. Anwar Sadat, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and many others, would be dictated to in this fashion.

FULL REPORT and A Statement for the future:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

After Thirty Long Years, Suddenly The Crop Circles Have Reverted To The Original Fields

In 1980 fields around the ancient iron age hill fort known as Cley Hill, in Wiltshire England began to see simple single crop circles. The town of Warminster within sight of these fields was already known as the UFO Capital of the world for good reason. Today an amazing and much more elaborate crop circle has arrived where thirty years ago the modern day mystery began. Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor and Dr. Terence Meaden walked these fields researching the mystery at its inception. It was just a few miles away at Bratton Castle that Andrews ran the famous surveillance Operation Blackbird, designed to film a crop circle forming. The crop circles disappeared not long after that 1990 operation but it looks like they are back with an incredible 3D design.

In the adjacent county of Hampshire to the east and south of Colin and Busty Taylor's home town of Andover, another amazing crop circle has been discovered. Again in the fields where the first research team used to regularly be found responding to farmers mysterious discoveries.

Other crop circles have also been reported in fields where they have not been seen for 20 to 30 years. The most prolific area for many years has been near Silbury Hill and Avebury where thousands have travelled from distant lands to visit the circles, almost guaranteed to be found in great numbers - suddenly the fields lay mainly devoid of the artistry.

Colin is flying to England in a few days to take a closer look at the situation and to visit these new comers. He will also join Dr. Simeon Hein and Welsh Researcher Phil Hoyle along with several farmers who have seen strange lights in their fields and then found cattle mysteriously mutilated in ways seen in a number of other hot spots around the world.

Latest crop circles select header above.

For those who might at this late stage wish to join Colin and Dr. Simeon Heins, a few places are still available. Go to Presentations at

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best Photograph Yet Taken of UFO (Orb), in Crop Circle Fields, England.

If This Is A Real Orb its The Best Photograph Yet Taken of One.

Orbs Like This Have Been Seen Many Times Around Crop Circles.

It was photographed during July 2009 next to Cheesefoot Head and the area known as 'The Winchester Cluster' in Hampshire, England. Also movie footage was taken nearby of what is thought by Kenneth Parsons (BEAMS) and his friend Hilary to be a UFO. Hilary knows a thing or two about aircraft and believes that this was not one. She is the niece of the legendary Aviator Freddie Stringer. See the full report, photograph and footage - select header above: By Colin Andrews ……………………..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"We Are The Ones, We Are The Revolution" - Also Shocking Updates from The Gulf Oil Catastrophy.

We Are The Ones, We Are The Revolution. Transformation Is Not Happening To Us,Its Happening Through Us........... Select heading above.
The shocking state of affairs I would not believe existed within the borders of The United States - but this is where we have reached:

Brace yourself and view the real extent of the Gulf Oil Disaster but not seen on television. It looks like commercial interests are heavily influencing the American media. This footage will upset you but we must know the truth so that we can engage remedies...........
A second police officer case comes to light who like police sergeant last July was witness to Tall Beings and later a UFO over his yhome. The new case also from July 2009 witnessed a UFO and 'Beings' he first assumed were children in the field. The Silbury Hill Tall Beings appeared to be testing plants next to a crop circle, now a new case where the Beings simply dissapeared................... Full story select header.
Touched and angered by the Gulf Oil Catastrophy, this touching letter from Kate Lawler: "My Brother was found dead on Friday, he loved the sea" Anger at our arrogance and the oil catastrophe. A call for spirit to help................
Ancestors and The Blue Star - Another powerful 'message' from Wayne Mason and inspired by the Hopi 'Ninth and last Sign'..............

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

STOP FOR A MOMENT: 'Hopi Tears' – Listen to the Elders.


Why not sit back for a few moments and connect with yourself, our planet and meditate for our forgiveness and for help to make this a better place in the future. We must embrace this moment - It truly is the end of a cycle and the beginning of another in which we have the opportunity to shine brighter on higher land than the past. As a respected elder once said to me "Time to start over".

This powerful piece of work which is accompanied by Erik Stitt on the pipes with words of wisdom from our elders. 'Hopi Tears' Inspired by the ‘Seventh Sign’ from the Hopi Prophecy and the terrible Gulf Oil Crisis.

This posting includes a section of a Chapter from The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012 about the Native Elders and Hopi spokesperson Thomas Banyacya with special permission of Alpha Books.

Listen to the Elders:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Judge who is previously known to have invested in the oil industry over-rules caution and decides to " Drill baby Drill.

After one of the largest environmental calamities in history and President Obama's appeal to suspend deep sea drilling for six months pending the investigations into how this happened - Judge who is previously known to have invested in the oil industry over-rules caution and decides to " Drill baby Drill.

There is no sign yet of intelligence on planet Earth. ( Comments Colin Andrews )

Judge blocks Gulf offshore drilling moratorium

By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN, Associated Press Writer Michael Kunzelman, Associated Press Writer –
June 22, 2010 (54 mins ago) NEW ORLEANS

– A federal judge struck down the Obama administration's six-month ban on deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, saying the government rashly concluded that because one rig failed, the others are in immediate danger, too.

The White House promised an immediate appeal. The Interior Department had halted approval of any new permits for deepwater drilling and suspended drilling of 33 exploratory wells in the Gulf.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said President Barack Obama believes that until investigations can determine why the spill happened, continued deepwater drilling could expose workers and the environment to "a danger that the president does not believe we can afford."

Several companies that ferry people and supplies and provide other services to offshore drilling rigs asked U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman in New Orleans to overturn the moratorium.

They argued it was arbitrarily imposed after the April 20 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that killed 11 workers and blew out the well 5,000 feet underwater. It has spewed anywhere from 67 million to 127 million gallons of oil into the Gulf.

Feldman sided with the companies.

"What seems clear is that the federal government has been pressed by what happened on the Deepwater Horizon into an otherwise sweeping confirmation that all Gulf deepwater drilling activities put us all in a universal threat of irreparable harm," he wrote.

Feldman's financial disclosure report for 2008, the most recent available, shows holdings in at least eight petroleum companies or companies that invest in them, including Transocean Ltd., which owned the Deepwater Horizon. The report shows that most of his holdings were valued at less than $15,000, though it did not provide specific amounts.

“The power of influence from big oil knows no bounds - with the Gulf filling with oil and the sky of Methane Gas, wildlife of all kinds in terrible trouble - too late for some, a single heavily biased Judge decides no caution necessary. Where do these people come from? “

On a lighter note: Can anyone help with two mysteries I’ve seen this week with our wildlife ? Go to my website on this link:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice Crop Circle - coded message but not from the farmer. Colin Andrews comments upon 2010 so far.

On the UFO front two interesting developments:
It is the talk of the town in Nueva Palmira, Uruguay. Several local residents claim having seen an imp or an alien stationary close to electricity cables.

Also a European Union Parliamentarian calls for an end to UFO secrecy.


A welcome to Summer Solstice with a strangely coded crop circle but the message from the farmer is not coded at all - Stay Out or else.


June is a wonderful month - a positive upbeat and true message. Sometimes, even when we have good intentions things can go wrong but as long as we say sorry and learn.


Methane Gas and the Gulf Oil Crisis - BP and the government don't seem to want to talk about this danger. What would happen if just one lightning bolt hit the huge bubble of explosive gas? What do we know about this problem?


Full stories go to New Postings:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

President Obama Sends Bomb Maker to Gulf also Insiders Tell Horror Stories


James Fox: They are spraying this poison at night over the heads of the residence.

Lindsey Williams: Oil Companies Chaplin says this is catastrophic and here are the facts.

60 Minutes: Oil worker who got off tells the incredible story.

Bloomburg: Bomb Designer on way to Gulf.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Days after a spiral UFO was seen over three states along the east coast of Australia, the strange radar interference fires up again.

The Government still unable to resolve or explain the source.
By Colin Andrews
June 11, 2010.

Three radar facilities experienced strange patterns caused by what the Bureau of Meteorology call ‘Unknown Interference’. These designs have been the focus of a special research by me since January 15th this year.
A pattern is beginning to form where strange radar designs appear before exceedingly rare weather phenomenon. During these sequences bizarre UFO reports have been received. Several in Sydney and a few days ago hundreds spotted a spiral UFO in three states down the east coast, areas now effected by the radar fireworks – which after five months the Australian Government’s BoM are unable to stop or explain.
Yesterday as the radar fireworks fired up down the coast an approximately round area of speckled clouds were seen by satellite approaching two of the radar facilities concerned.

Full storm on my website. Select header above.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gulf Oil: CNN Stopped Filming by US Military on Behalf of British Petroleum - What the Hell Is Going On

Dear Colin Andrews

Thank you for contacting Help Desk. This message is to confirm that we received a service request with tracking # (removed)99 from you.

Hi Alex (Jones),

Its researcher/author Colin Andrews.

Its 9.15 AM 10 June and watched a CNN TV crew being stopped filming the recovery of oil soaked birds at a receiving center by US Military ON BEHALF OF BRITISH PETROLEUM. US Media stopped filming by US Military on behalf of British Petroleum. What the hell is going on here?

Best wishes

Colin Andrews
Also forwarded to Mel at The Veritas Show.

Monday, June 7, 2010

American Authors and Researchers,Synthia and Colin Andrews, To Support UNESCO Youth Project in Romania. Also Andrews attacked in #1 read story in Australia

June 8, 2010
The World Genesis Foundation working in cooperation with the United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization announce:

American Authors and Researchers, Colin and Synthia Andrews, To Support UNESCO Youth Project in Romania..........Full release on website.

June 8, 2010
Aliens? What Aliens - Letter from Roy Savill See website.

June 8, 2010
The number one read article in the Australian Newspaper The Age attacks Colin Andrews.(CA Comment: I would dare not to believe the government and ask questions: Full report on wesbite:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Spiral UFO - seen this time in three states in Australia

Looking similar to those seen in Norway, Russia, China, England and in recent days Canada, although the Canadian video is highly suspected of being a hoax but even that is not yet proven to be so.

Today at Sunrise along the east coast of Australia, numerous reports were received and photos taken of this latest 'Spiral UFO'. Possible explanations have so far varied from Space Junk to a rocket launched an hour earlier in the United States.

Compare the photographs and watch the videos - select header above.

Friday, June 4, 2010

IMPORTANT SITUATION REPORT: COLIN ANDREWS - Critical Mass and Transition effects. Give our Children the tools.

World events are generating more information and demands for action than I am able to deal with in the context of communications and appropriate research. The only way I can try to be effective and helpful to others is to place finer filters on the in-boxes. Currently I have more than 9,000 unread E-mails.

I am touched by the thousands of you who visit and check my site daily – thank you. You have been extremely helpful in directing important data and I would be most grateful if you could continue to think of me in that regard but could you please only forward those you consider of the utmost importance.

I fear that the current surge of demands are visible signs of the critical mass our species have reached. It’s no bad thing that we slow down and reach inside as we adjust to our dilemma. We must.

As we know, there are times when the best way forward is to STOP.

I do what I do because I care. Nobody directs my time or my limited resources but they are both important considerations. The ten to twelve hours or so I spend each day on research and communications is unpaid and draining on my family and my animals. I have to find ways of improving this equation and in that regard my family and I are doing what we can as we have done now for nearly thirty years. I also acknowledge and sincerely
thank those of you who have made donations towards this effort in the past.

I will continue to update this website across all topics but only with what I consider potentially the most important research findings and information. Cutting through the sea of lies and developing our natural senses is what makes me tick. For example:

When an impressive new crop circle is made by people, we need to know that. Also when that same crop circle and those who made it become the focus of inexplicable events, it’s imperative we know about these too. The way we have done business on this planet thus far, causes the advancement of our knowledge to be lost by the deception, the ego’s, the politics and the commercial interests. Short term they win but long term we all lose. That must change and this is the time for that change. Truth and Consciousness is the conversation something is having with us and what we do with this transition is our choice.

In the coming days my wife Synthia and I will be working with The World Genesis Foundation, supported by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on their important summer program - "Leave no child without hope for the future". Its critical we give our children all possible resources for the challenges we have placed in front of them. With good common sense, strength and compassion we can do what is necessary to do just that: Give our children HOPE. Their future is listening.

From today there are likely to be less frequent new postings but be assured the site remains alive and beating with the coherence of the human existence and will form togetherness for all who care. Important postings will be placed.

For all of us today, let us come together in support of the efforts in the Gulf to save millions of creatures and millions of plants above and below the sea in what has become a, if not the inevitable man-made catastrophe. Meditate...............................and let’s CHANGE all this.

The intention of this Information Report is to give heads up on the current situation and to inform those who wish to make a small donation towards the work ahead that these are greatly appreciated – Donations can be made easily via PayPal on my website (select header above)

Thank You.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two years to go to see if the 2012 Economy collapse will happen - Another Crop Circle where police sergeant saw Tall Beings.

The 2012 debate - Economy. How are we doing? Today with two years to go: The developed world - Europe, the US, Japan - are broke. Hopelessly broke. The financial system, bad as it seems now, is heading off an even deeper cliff. Numbers don't lie and can only be fudged for so long. Take a look at this……………

June 2, 2010 (1100 hrs US Eastern)
Gulf Oil Disaster: No lucky break yet - New Attempt in trouble, the cutter is jammed………….

June 2, 2010
A new crop circle found in England at the same location of the 2009 Mayan design and where a police sergeant witnessed three tall beings. Check this out………………….

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Aussie Radar Rings are back - Standby. Exploding Filament on Sun, Earthquake and severe weather.

New Posting:
By Colin Andrews

The image shown here shows a large solar flare filament exploding from the Sun towards Earth the same day radar symbols again returned to Australia. Truth is we know that charged particles leaving the Sun will hit Earth's atmosphere on the 27th and today the 28th. So how can this natural but large scale phenomenon be connected with the mysterious radar rings over Australia, what the Australian Bureau of Meteorology call 'Interferences' being injected into the national radar system? How about all those particles that 'communicate' instantaneously over any distance – called the God Particle or its brother and sister which are being researched right now at the CERN Big Bang experiment in Europe - That same experiment which was also fired up the same night the Norway Spiral appeared. Food for thought as we still don't have an explanation from the Bureau of Meteorology, an explanation they still don't have according to their own website (see

May 21, 2010 - Yarrawonga was to be the first sign that we were looking at the onset of another bout of Radar Madness over Australia. Last time this happened record rains and hail followed - This time already BOM have issued warnings for this weekend. Again we ask "What is going on here".
Could this be weather modification using HAARP? Natural events caused by Solar Cycle 24 now underway or faulty equipment which BoM seem unable to resolve?
Whatever the cause is, since January 16th this year when I started to research this, there have been indications that association exists between radar geometries (interferences) and weather changes. From severe drought to record rains and in some parts dense clouds seen on radar but producing no rain on the ground, also reports of strange chemtrails in the sky and a grey dust settling on the ground. It all seems strange and NEW.
Full article select header above or go to:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 1715 hrs US Eastern

The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
New South Wales have issued a "Significant Weather Media Release"
Issued at 1525 on Friday the 28th of May 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gulf Oil Disaster: There is nothing wrong with feeling angry

Remember these guys also manufacture wars for this stuff but to save our wildlife they lie and seem in no hurry. Today is a good time to Meditate and get involved.
By Colin Andrews
May 26, 2010

I do not intend a drawn out article about this horrendous man made environmental disaster still unfolding more than a month after it occurred. There is much more to be said about this and much that will be said over the years it will take to rid us of its terrible effects.

I had to write something to release the enormous anger I feel, and which I know many of you do to.

At this point I simply wanted to express my disgust that this enormous International giant British Petroleum, alongside Trans-Ocean and Halliburton -( #1 ) who did not even have a comprehensive and workable contingency plan to repair such a broken installation if such a thing should ever happen. Hard to comprehend considering the thousands of rigs they work with and are operating as I speak around the planet. Another example of big business in bed with big government avoiding all the laws and requirements that the little guy is forced to comply with. Yes it stinks and if we don’t get how all this works now we never will…………………Full posting:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Four key scientists working on The Orion clean energy project, pull out after a visit by former CIA Director - "If anything should happen to us...."

Posted May 22, 2010.
Colin Andrews

"In the event that anything happens to any of us (injury, false legal charges, disappearance, death), and we cannot go forward, copies of this information will be released to the public.

The file includes every bit of information about the scientists who can do this work and are not allowed to as well as very reliable evidence and information about those involved in the suppression - names, addresses, phone numbers, specific details of actions" - The Board of Directors of The Orion Project.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Select Heading above.

Friday, May 21, 2010

UFO Disclosure is taking place. Important updates and a bigger picture forms. Keep informed or lose your way.

New Postings Today

The first artist impression of the Tall Beings seen by a police sergeant near a crop circle in Wiltshire, England last April.

Serious New Ground Broken during fun time at the UFO Festival in Oregon last weekend:

A new witness asks her Roswell and ET story be told before she died.

The Travis Walton abduction story re-told with stunning new imagery and details. The only time an abduction has been reported as it took place.

Crop Circles and the wider picture. A standing ovation from hundreds that packed the McMinnville Community Center theatre ended a two hour presentation of evidence from Colin Andrews that we are engaged in an amazing conversation, the extent of which we would never have realized if hoaxing crop circles had not taken place.
Reports from others present also posted.

Crop Circles in the last few days seen in Italy and England.

How close is the United States Government to locking up kid computer hacker who went looking for their UFO secrets – Latest interview with Gary McKinnon’s mother.

More Disclosure as witness to President Eisenhower’s briefing documents about Extraterrestrials in the United States makes video public a few days ago.

All the above in New Postings at:
Coming soon: Latest details for a major conference in October –CSETI Conference in Rio Rico, Arizona with Speakers: Dr. Steven Greer, Colin Andrews, Dr. Ted Loder and Richard Hoagland.

Monday, May 10, 2010

As Weather Worries Grow With the Monster Oil Spill in the Gulf - Strange Radar Rings Appear Across the United States.

New Postings Today on Colin Andrews Website:
May 10, 2010
As fears increase about weather conditions deteriorating in the Gulf of Mexico and bursting open the huge oil spilling disaster looming off shore - strange radar rings have appeared on the United States weather radar. A similar series of such events occurred in Australia, there too weather concerns existed and changed when the radar designs appeared. Russia
announced they will remove rain from Moscow and in experiments now underway bursts of Infrared create rain when needed. If this is what we know, what don't we know about HAARP?. Latest today.

May 10, 2010
Crop Circles have appeared already this year in Italy and England and a very intricate pattern in snow and ice in Norway. At Stonehenge today can be seen for the first time yellow Oil Seed Rape plants ( called Canola in USA) woven onto the landscape. This striking pattern is in a field opposite Stonehenge where the famous Julia Set appeared in 1996.
Latest photos.

May 10, 2010
One of the most significant gifts of this time is our sixth sense - Urge, Intuition, our Guides. Listen to the voice within: Little Grandmother.

May 10, 2010
There are good people in this world: A Place Called Hope.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Travis Walton & Colin Andrews have a lot more in common than you might think.

Some Serious talk amongst the fun in Oregon this coming weekend

Travis Walton and Colin Andrews both experienced wildly different visual stimuli but experienced the same outcomes.

Travis Walton witnessed a strange circular object in the sky which he was curious enough about to leave his vehicle and investigate. That initial reaction resulted in him being made captive (in his case literally) to a mystery which has become a focus of the human curiosity and a potential piece in its future. For many years he was questioned if what he saw was real or a hoax and if indeed it held any importance at all – today many years later he speaks again about this and where we all fit into this equation.

Colin Andrews witnessed a strange circle also, this one in a field, which he would later name ‘Crop Circle’ he too became curious enough to get out of his vehicle and investigate. He too became captured by a mystery which sent him down the same road of questioning of his character, his honesty and also if the circle and those that followed were real or hoaxes. Did they hold any importance at all for humanity?

This weekend, like Travis, he will speak to the single most important conclusion and one which the media show a general inability to deal with i.e. That the UFO and Crop Circle Mysteries share the very same place in our history in that they have completely engaged us in more ways than many of us would ever imagine. The hoaxers have been hoaxed and the truth of the matter is that we are all in this together like it or not and the cross roads we are now at demands something vital we have learned by these two topics – The Truth Matters.

People hoax UFOs and Crop Circles just as they defraud and hoax our financial institutions and even our religions – only the raw truth will set us free and onto a new path.

Colin and Travis are old hands in new subjects and they are well equip to give us the bottom line and that is going to take some serious talk during a fun weekend in Oregon this week.

Closing line – Latest: Colin Andrews has decided to disclose something that happened to him when he was five years of age, during his presentation on Saturday evening.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Australia Bureau of Meteorology radar again erupts into a 'Firework Display' - Woomera may have given us our answer.

BREAKING NEWS: May 1, 2010. As I was posting this page, I received an urgent email from Australia, informing me that yet another never before seen blue design had appeared on the radar. This time at a place called Ceduna to the south west of Woomera, the NASA/Australia space tracking station in South Australia. Read below and go to my website to see the latest designs. BoM have still not been able to figure out where the interferences are coming from and certainly have not addressed if there is anything in my observations over the last three months that show these designs are appearing in a sequence ahead of dramatic weather changes and seismic activity in Australia.Is HAARP behind all this? Posting Continued:


New Posting -
April 30, 2010

For those following the research into unexplained patterns appearing on the Australia Bureau of Meteorology radar system since January 15th 2010 will know that after weeks of in depth investigation and asking the Bureau for explanations, they conceded that these where the result of 'Unknown Interferences'.

During the weeks that followed we witnessed sudden and dramatic changes in the weather over the continent and even a substantial Earthquake on the exact spot this all began. Then as the weather quieted down, so did the mystery radar patterns until this week when BoM experienced a new 'Firework' show.

Three of the four corners of Australia have been witness to radar patterns only seen by experienced radar experts since January. Is this new series of designs precursors to another shift in the weather systems over Australia or more seismic activity? Select header above to read full article and see the radar images.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Matthew Ward was sixteen years old when he died in a car accident. His Mother believes her son sent this regarding Goldman Sachs and....

Matthew Ward was sixteen years old when he died in a car accident. His Mother Suzie believes her son sent this regarding Goldman Sachs and....
she channels from her son. This is what she wrote a few days ago (April 16, 2010):
SEC vs. Goldman Sachs
Illuminati—composition, past and current activities; reptilians; lawsuit against pedophile Boy Scout leader; Iceland’s volcanic eruption; plane crash, death of Poland’s president, et al; tea party movement; economic concerns, resolution; presence of spirits; music in Golden Age; effects of gun use on soul growth; life forms designed with malevolence; enough souls for fetuses; Global Love Day May 1
1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew saying, There is cause for elation! After months of research, documenting evidence and closed-door meetings, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has taken legal action against a financial behemoth that deliberately contributed to the financial ruin of millions of that country’s citizens and led to the international economic chaos. This lawsuit is far more than it may appear to be. The top guns at Goldman Sachs and its offshoots are among the kingpins of the Illuminati, and this legal claim of fraudulent dealings is a major step toward dismantling the Illuminati’s worldwide financial network through which they fund their other malevolent global operations.
2. The Illuminati is not an organization of card-carrying members, but rather…..Full story:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This mind-set must CHANGE for the sake of our children and our future. This is the time to change all this.

Don't expect this to come from any politician in the lap of lobbyists, this must come from the people.

"Tell me why does it have to be this way - tell me why, oh tell me why?"

Our children feel pain and helplessness as we all do, lost in this insanity - Its time.


War - The Starving - Wall Street - Goldman Sachs - Our Planet, our future.
A must watch - it will bring where we have reached into focus. Select heading above.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our true history and our future is hidden in secret 'Metal Books' - Colin Andrews

Something strange happened to me during the early 1990s which I have reason to believe was important.

I was in a passenger aircraft flying from London Heathrow airport to JFK in New York. I was on my way to visit my then to be wife Synthia, who lived then with her parents in Branford, Connecticut.

It was a normal uneventful flight but I was relieved to hear the pilot come on the intercom telling us to secure our seat belts and that we were starting our descent into the New York area.

I heard the engines reduced power as he started to reduce height. With this the strange inexplicable thing happened. The name Alexander appeared in front of my eyes. In reality, if one can use such a term, it was visible in my head. Like watching my own personal video clip the last two letters of Alexander began shimmering and they faded away to be replaced with letters ria making the word Alexandria. The new name Alexandria remained for a few seconds and again the process repeated and Alexandria was replaced with Alexander. This is how it went on for what seemed like a few minutes. I sat there questioning what in the world had just happened. I knew I was not day dreaming and that this was not a function of imagination - it was real but I had nothing to reference it to.

When I reached Connecticut and was greeted by Synthia I had immediately to blurt out what had happened in the aircraft.

The following morning after a sound sleep, Synthia was grabbing two coffee's while I took a shower and again the same odd personal movie clip took place. It was exactly as the day before and yet again the following day while walking with Synthia along side The Green in downtown Branford a sudden break through with those two words: Alexander, Alexandria.

Since then Ive kept alert for these names to show up in my research or when I meet people. It simply felt like I was being given important information or was in some way being prepared or biased towards future events which would not be missed because of this priming . . . . .

It is important to add that I was due to make a presentation in Alexandria, Washington D.C.around that time which unknown at that time was attended by a large number of government intelligence agents. Before I made this presentation and a few hours after the third experience while walking in the streets of Branford, Synthia's parents received no less than three telephone calls for me from mediums (two of whom I knew personally) warning me that they too had received the word Alexandria associated with my name and felt some threat towards me. I took this to mean that I should be careful during my presentation. The details surrounding what happened at my presentation is a story for another day - but to continue.......

I have come to the conclusion that the answers to my long time research are to be found in hidden secret books. Ive been studying apart from other things, Crop Circles and human consciousness, also UFOs and have come to understand that humanity is having a kind of conversation with itself and a high level guide (some might call this an angel/God or ET)and that this process is known about in detail. Answers to who we are and how we arrived and where we can go is imprinted in metal (lead) books. I believe that these were once located in the ancient and amazing library of Alexandria which was planned by Alexander the Great………………………………

It is my belief that a series of important 'Metal Books' are hidden from us and distributed in various places around the world. The reasons for the secrecy is because we are living a false reality that we have been lied into and enslaved by an elite who established and controlled the social architecture many years ago. It benefits the same blood lines to keep it that way and they along with enormous institutions would crumble if the truth was ever known. But those truths ARE COMING.

I am not saying the following examples of these engineered lies are…… Read full article on website and also a report about an expedition in 1976 in search of a cave of secret metal books by US astronaut Neil Armstrong and UFO legend Erich von Däniken

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A rare Earthquake hits Australia. Does this place look familiar? - Strange Radar Rings

It should if you have been following the unexplained strange symbols appearing on Australian weather radar since January 15th just over three months ago. The first strange ring reported to me that started my research was near Kalgoorlie-Boulder in West Australia, at the same location as today’s Earthquake.

Today’s rare quake does raise the obvious question: Is it part of the radar story or is it ‘The’ story? And of course they may be totally unconnected.

After three months research into the radar symbols (called by Australian Media ‘Digital-age Equivalent to crop circles')The Bureau of Meteorology who own and run most of the radar stations could only say that the mysterious patterns were unexplained interferences and that they were trying to resolve 'the problem’.

It might be noteworthy that the most extraordinary of the patterns that followed,appeared on the east coast which overlooks what has also become a very active seismic area. Reports received just yesterday that authorities are preparing to evacuate thousands as Volcano Gaua becomes dangerous to the NE of Australia,out in the Pacific Ocean.

Again, so little is known about the cause of the radar ‘interference signals’ or the now obvious dramatic increase in Earth changes that one can only make intelligent but informed speculations. We should look at all the data and not be afraid to think outside the box. Are these changes a result of Solar activity or is the sun itself being influenced by something greater in the Galaxy or even beyond?

Could the source of the dramatic changes be created much closer to home? Many top level scientists, some of them whistle blowers and even high level politicians who got a sniff of the military industrial complex, believe these folks would do what ever it takes to create weapons to achieve their dark agenda's. My personal observations of recent years on this planet permits me to believe this might be true. They are prepared to lie us into conflicts we can see and touch are unnecessary and manufactured and I doubt very much they would stop at using nature herself if they could get it to work for them. Turning on a logistically placed Volcano or two or turning off a weather system or two could well be the new weapons of choice. That is a nightmare thought I know and not one that I wish to focus but we have to be real. Some folks among us are evil.....Full report posted on - select heading above

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Volcano ready to erupt - Inhabitance to evacuate - This time its the turn of the Southern Hemisphere.

As of the 7th of April, the analysis of data collected from the monitoring network of Gaua volcano since October 2009 indicates the existence of volcanic tremor. The OMI satellite images also show the abundance of gases emitted from this volcano daily. Field observations reported by the Geohazards officer in Gaua confirmed significant change of activity with ticker and higher emissions of ash columns. Since the end of march/beginning of April 2010, the ash plumes height dwell between 7000 and 10000 feet every day. Field reports also stated that the explosion sounds could be heard from the villages daily. Moreover, starting from the 3rd of April 2010 the volcanic bombes projections from Gaua volcano could be observed from all the coastal villages from the north to the south of the island with reports of the ashfall.

According to Radio New Zealand International, Volcano Gaua in Torbo Province is in danger of erupting and plans are underway for its inhabitance to be evacuated.

Full Story: 2012 Debate - Earth Changes. Select heading above.
The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rings found near mutilated sheep in Wales - More UFO reports - Visit Wales with Colin Andrews

Iceland Volcano Latest: Great Britain considering flying its stranded citizens to Spain and shipping them via Naval ships to U.K.
Cluster of reports of strange lights and mutilated sheep in Wales, U.K. - UPDATE: Semi-rings have been found in the fields close to the bodies of the sheep. I have just added an excellent interview with lead researcher Phil Hoyle NOTE By Colin Andrews: A similar ring appeared in the field behind my own home where I had two strange experiences with a bright light when I was five years old. I will be visiting both my old home and Wales while with Dr. Simeon Heins crop circle tour group this summer for anyone wishing to join us (Go to my New Postings page).
The 900 year old Starchild Skull - How far away is its keeper Lloyd Pye from knowing if indeed it is Extraterrestrial?