Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Message in the New Movie 'Circular Evidence' Needs to be Seen Urgently. Colin Andrews Personal Journey Started in a Crop Circle and Finished with Concern for our Planet. Watch the Teaser now and Consider the Appeal.

With the first book ever written on Crop Circles in 1989 "Circular Evidence" again made available as an e-book, the movie after that same name is ready to move out of development into production stage except for the final funding. As the message within this movie becomes more urgent an appeal for those final funds is being made in public which neither Renegade Pictures nor Colin Andrews had wanted to do.

Renegade Pictures have been developing the film for several years, which is based upon the life of researcher Colin Andrews who in 1982 started a personal journey which lead him to believe that while we all argue our Earth, our soul is dying. The script was written five years ago and with Colin himself entering the closing quarter of his life and mounting evidence all around us that we must indeed act to turn this trend around, the movie is lagging behind its message. Renegade Pictures are anxious to find the person or institution that can provide tax deductible funding to move this project into the final production stage.

Anyone interested in helping this important educational movie fulfill its full potential should contact Executive Producer Wood Dickinson urgently. Watch the film teaser by select the heading above and then scroll down.