Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gary McKinnon - The information he was seeking by law should be given. The showdown for UFO secrets is on. First FREE GARY the UFO buff who hacked to find what we are entitled to have. Also 2012 Astrology - PREPARE.

December 12, 2009
A second look at The Astrology of 2012. Following an indepth chart analysis of 2012 by former FBI anti-terrorist special agent Alan Ouimet some weeks ago, we take another look at the extraordinary alignment the Mayan's knew all about. At Colin Andrews request, Research Astrologer Edmund Correia has taken several weeks looking carefully at the end of 2012 and just as Alan Ouimet before him, Edmund says ".... in all my years of study, I have never encountered anything quite like this". An important read PREPARE

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December 12, 2009
Release Gary McKinnon : Update. This young UFO buff and computer wiz kid hacked into United States Government top secret computers in his focused desire to know what they knew about UFOs - his obsession caused by Asperger's Syndrome from which he suffers. He is being extradited from Great Britain at the demands of the US government who are likely to incarcerate him for up to 70 years. His medical team say he is suicidal and will not survive his threatened prison sentence. For anyone who considers the UFO and free energy secrets important ...Select the heading above.........FREE GARY - Large demostration in London.......