Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Crop Circles Alledgedly Revealled Communications from Extraterrestrials, Claimed Leading Scientists. Here Is What They Said:

These are some of the answers Extraterrestrials gave to questions posed by leading Bulgarian scientists:
"We, the crop circle intelligence, want a dialogue with you in order to help you sustain the life of our planet".
"Create a center for mental – pictogram communication with us, in the beginning with seven people. Later on it will grow up into a network of supporters who will work for preserving our planet from self distraction and global annihilation".
"The human race is a child of Earth evolution and originates from the spirit-matter of the planet Earth. Each new human civilization arrives on Earth from Space with a force like a massive sea wave. The first human civilizations were closer to the earth matter; the last will be closer to the space intelligence".
"Do not expect a radio contact at SETI. Communication between civilizations is performed differently. The communication with extraterrestrial intelligence can be only.....View update and full report at Colin Andrews website by selecting heading above.