Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 'Climategate' Scientific and Political Disaster - Now The Fuel Industries Own Notes LEAKED and Made Public by Scientists

The Denial Industry Case Notes - Leaked and now Made Public by Scientists.

From The Guardian Newspaper in U.K.

In 1991 the Western Fuels Association, National Coal Association and Edison Electric Institute set up a group called the Information Council for the Environment (Ice). Its founding documents were leaked. The text has been made available online by the scientist Naomi Oreskes. The strategy was spelt out in a document produced by the Western Fuels Association: to "reposition global warming as theory (not fact)".

Ice was given $510,000 to test its messages in key markets, all of which happened to be the homes of members of the energy and commerce or ways and means committees of the US House of Representatives. The purpose was to "demonstrate that a consumer-based media awareness program can positively change the opinions of a selected population regarding the validity of global warming." If it worked, Ice would "implement program nationwide"…

This article makes for essential reading to evaluate the other side of the recently hacked Climategate E-mails HERE. Who was behind this and is their image and tactics clean and GREEN……………Read the full report by selecting the heading above.