Friday, December 18, 2009

Are Things 'Solar' Taking Shape for 2012? see last 48 hrs. - The Norway UFO Spiral: Its just Music? - Latest 2012 Astrology Chart is Stunning.


December 18, 2009
If the past 48 hours is anything to go by. Look at the developments on the sun and here on Earth - Solar Flare and Earthquakes also…………….
The Norway Spiral: Don't worry its just a song? Watch video ………
The second in depth look at the 2012 Astrology is now completed and posted by Edmond Correia. Ed said "In all my years of study, I have never encountered anything quite like this".

In the first detailed investigation into the 2012 Astrology, former FBI Anti-terrorist Special Agent and student of Astrology, Alan Ouimet said "The chart for 21 December 2012 is amazing, in fact its stunning" – Read both articles and the other latest updates at NEW POSTINGS by selecting the heading above. (Remember when you arrive on the home page select 'New Postings' - the green bottom top of page).