Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nancy Talbott and Robbert van den Broeke case: Supernatural Crop Circles, UFOs and now just one too many.

Many of you will have been following crop circle and UFO researcher Nancy Talbott’s long research into a young man in the Netherlands who claims to have a host of supernatural powers. ETs, UFOs and newly constructed crop circles made by the UFOs showing up in his photographs. Nancy Talbott has been openly convinced that just as plant analysis she is involved with proves which crop circles are real, this young man truly exhibits supernatural powers. It’s a fascinating case for sure but as with other such amazing claims we need to see the amazing evidence to back up such confident positioning.

For me the crop circles he claims made by UFOs greatly resemble those Ive seen made by people and the images appearing on digital photographs are either the big breakthrough into the supernatural or fraud - there is no half way on this.

Today comes troubling developments in the Robert van den Broeke case.
Posted by Colin Andrews 14 Nov 2009:

Both Mike Johnson and Frank Engelen in Holland sent me the same interesting item, giving us this composite contribution which I’ll summarize from their notes:
A very strange thing happened recently on Dutch TV when they broadcast a series featuring a so-called medium, 25-year-old Robbert van den Broeke. At one point he began to reveal – supernaturally, of course! – all sorts of information about a former camera-man on the show who had committed suicide some months ago. His wife was in the studio. Unfortunately for Robbert, he was far too accurate and specific. He told the widow that she’d had another life before this one, as “Hillegien Rozeboom,” who died in 1823. He also gave her the exact date of birth of Hillegien. He said that her husband in that life was named Luwert, who had the profession of “genverbrander.” The “medium” said that he didn’t know what a genverbrander was. Well, nobody knows, because that word does not exist in Dutch. It looks like an existing word, but is not. Robbert must have thought that it was some kind of antique profession with which he was not familiar.
But then there was Google……………………Check out the full story by selecting the heading above.

UPDATED: 1530 hrs Sat. 14 Nov 2009:
Nancy Talbott & Robbert van den Broeke – Fraud report from Randi:
Update: Saturday 14 November 2009.

I don’t support or condone Randi's website or his approach to many of the topics he covers but in the interest of all the facts surrounding this potentially important case it’s vitally important to examine all the evidence. If the report posted by Randi is factually accurate we should all want to know. If it is not then the Talbott/van den Broeke case holds stronger than before. All views hold equal weight in the new paradigm. Facts speak for themselves.

Colin Andrews

Colin Andrews will publish an article on the Nancy Talbott & Robert van den Broeke case soon: