Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hopi Indian Elders: "There Is A River Flowing Now Very Fast"

All peoples with eyes open see and feel change of a profound nature. Its all around us its everywhere we go.

Our boat has set sail for waters uncharted and with only the offerings of lessons learned for those on board. If those lessons are not acknowledged and addressed our boat will not make the trip but there is no turning back either. We have crossed the threshold and breached into a new cycle - a new paradigm. We sail with our children alone towards difficult sea's ahead. A wonderful new horizon beyond 2012 awaits us should we find our hearts and minds and cast off the the old boys club who hold onto the sails in hope of once again directing us onto the rocks - We truly do hold the power and have hard earned wisdom learned from all who came before us. We also hold the responsibility for many other plant and animal species who can only trust that we finally transit into a peace and love based society with faith in ourselves. All governments are on notice from the people to convene the first departments of peace. No more war czar - we are done. Colin Andrews

Recognized by all peoples - THIS IS OUR TIME - WE MUST GIVE OUR CHILDREN HOPE.

The words that follow on my website are by the Hopi Indian Elders: "There Is a River Flowing Now Very Fast....To read fully, please select the heading above......