Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Photographs released of UFO witnessed during CSETI conference at Rio Rica, Arizona.


The first of a number of photographs have been released by CSETI of unexplained lights seen by hundreds of observers during the 'Contact' conference in Rio Rica, Arizona two weeks ago. The lights were believed by some to be a craft of some kind and was filmed during the evening of 20th October 2009. The photo can be seen on Colin Andrews website ( and also )

From late afternoon into the early hours of the morning, unmarked military helicopters and drones hovered very close to the resort where the conference was held. At around 5.0 PM an unmarked army helicopter with helmeted personnel pionting what was believed to be a large lens or other equipment towards the roof top table in the restaurant area where Dr. Steven Greer with Emily, Dr. Ted Loder and Bobbie, Colin Andrews and Dr. Synthia Andrews were sat having dinner. The craft came within feet of their position. Shorty afterwards slow moving drones also flew around all sides of the hotel. It was quite a night during which time uniformed army border patrol personnel who were booked into rooms either side of Dr. Greer, Colin Andrews and Dr. Loader's rooms were seen leaving the complex and jumping into private vehicles in the parking lot of the resort. Another individual ran out of the grounds when he was approached by Greer and Andrews security guards. It was action packed on the ground and in the sky - keeping in mind the resort is within a few miles of the Mexican - US border and military patrols are to be expected but even the locals said this was exceptional.

More images will be released soon. An overview of the conference can be seen at: