Thursday, November 26, 2009

The deepest in depth interview with Colin Andrews for years and updates on Paul Vigay’s inquest, The Tall Beings at Silbury and strange effects that occurred during the bizarre interview – Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Interview dedicated to Pat Delgado - most in depth

Tomorrow at 9.0 PM (US Eastern) Colin Andrews interview airs on with hosts Jeff Ritzman and Jeremy Vaeni. This one and a half hour interview dug deeper than any in recent years and seems to have invoked not just a tangible shift of atmosphere in Colin's home during the interview but in the two studios of the hosts. As the discussion progressed and while talking about the passing of Pat Delgado and Paul Vigay etc.. all the ambient sounds completely closed down and two computers which were being used by Colin for the interview closed down without prompts to do so or a power interruption. Important updates about the Tall Beings at Silbury Hill, Paul Vigay's inquest and investigation and why this moment in our history is so important. The interview can be heard on Friday and afterwards from with kind permission of the hosts. Both sites can be found by selecting the header above and selecting 'Media Coverage’from the menu.