Monday, November 16, 2009

Colin Andrews in depth live radio interview from Wesleyan University - The Voice that took over TV transmitters as they promised they would.

Colin Andrews live from Wesleyan University Connecticut: One and a half hours in depth radio interview received worldwide about his important new research. This includes the cluster of extraordinary events that began to unfold near the city of Winchester, England during the 1970s and is still on going. One event has never been resolved even after extensive official investigations by the broadcasting authority in Great Britain. This involved a metallic voice which broke into and took over a news broadcast covered by two separate television transmitters in the region and seemingly transmitted a message from Extraterrestrials. Events continue in this region according to Councillor Adrian Hicks and confirmed by UFO reports being received by Colin Andrews. A series of interviews have been agreed to take place via radio and the internet between Colin and Councillor Hicks soon.

Check out the one and a half hour live interview from Wesleyan University and also recent updates on the Tall Beings being reported around Silbury Hill, one report by a police sergeant.

In a seperate interview which can be heard from the BBC here also, concerned the former head of the British Government's UFO project Nick Pope. Nick appeared live on BBC radio when unexpectedly Colin was invited on during the interview. A very important admission was made by Nick, to his credit, during this interview about the involvement of the MoD in crop circle research. You can here Colin's recent radio interviews by selecting the heading above.