Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"We must draw our line in the sand - Governments MUST come clean NOW and be made accountable. This MUST be the time. Our future depends upon it."


Colin Andrews feels strongly that as governments around the world now begin to release all of their hitherto secret files on UFOs and crop circles, this is in fact what they are doing - finally coming clean. The planet is in an irreversible paradigm shift, and a successful embracement of the new paradigm will only be achieved if we remedy the lessons learned from the old. More lies, deception and spin will not work - literally.

"No Government, Religion, Corporation or any individual has the right to keep such vital information from the people any longer, and hence control the advancement of human consciousness. The truth leads us to a better place."

The deceivers in this mix should be allowed to tell their own story. Andrews' recent book Government Circles blasted holes in the British Government's official statement that they were not involved in crop circle research nor did they issue a gag order on the media ('D Notice') surrounding the famous surveillance project 'Operation Blackbird' in 1990. Andrews has shown evidence that they lied and he has also published documentary evidence that high level meetings took place inside Prime Minister Thatcher's cabinet about the circles. He has proven by his intimate connection with the Queen that as Head of State, she also was deliberately misled, as were the public and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In recent weeks the former head of the Ministry of Defense UFO project has acknowledged publicly that Andrews' version of events is correct.

2009: Is This the Last Grand Showing in the Fields?
The End of the Road and the Conclusions after 86 Years of Crop Circles.

Colin Andrews believes that we have witnessed the last crop circle season of its kind. There is so much to cover since April 2009, including extraordinary designs, reports of UFOs and even 'Tall Beings' in the fields, cameras failing, and just about every other paranormal activity seen throughout the past sixteen years - but wrapped into nineteen weeks.

Andrews was personally threatened with legal action from a very high level in the UK if certain documents were not removed from his website and this presentation. Such is the level of nervousness by some surrounding events this year - an action-packed year filled with amazing results, increased interest by the Intelligence community, and sad losses.

17 years after Dr. Steven Greer and Colin Andrews experienced an event which gave birth to the CSETI logo, Andrews reveals why that geometry has never left the radar screen.

The CSETI emblem was chosen following a multiply witnessed large-scale interactive event which took place in England during 1992 with Dr. Steven Greer, Colin Andrews, and around 50 eyewitnesses. That geometry has continued to be a focus of Andrews' research since that day, and at the conference he will show why he thinks the geometry is so key and is being communicated to us in such inexplicable modes.

Colin Andrews has decided to make public for the first time something which happened to him when he was a young child. Only Andrews' close family and his doctors have known about this until now.

He believes we must all step forward and risk ridicule, simply laying out the whole thing as it is, and not worrying about the conditioned social environment designed to contain and maintain the status quo. He hopes making this public will set an example and encourage others who have had similar experiences to come forward.

Don't miss renowned Crop Circle Researcher Colin Andrews' presentation at CSETI's CONTACT: Countdown to Transformation Conference in Rio Rico, Arizona (45 minutes south of Tucson) October 24-26, 2009.