Saturday, October 31, 2009

Very significant developments on Crop Circles, UFOs, Consciousness and even the researchers - The New Paradigm Is Here

New Postings on Colin Andrews Website:

Dr. Steven Greer announced his briefing document to President Obama and within minutes had a G7 Head of State and his team on his cellphone saying how fantastic and devastating his brief was....The documents available for download.

At the same venue in Rio Rica, Colin Andrews showed evidence that he has answers to some of the questions raised by interactions with UFOs, crop circles and even mysterious 'downloads’ of information by sudden awakening from deep sleep. We know the most important geometry he said - its a key of some kind.

Also he revealed for the first time in public what only his doctors and close family have known since he was five years old – twice he was floated out of his bedroom into a bright white light in a field behind his home. He showed photographs of mysterious blisters he had over his body for more than two years afterwards and also aerial photos over the field behind his home in England, where today after 58 years there is still clearly visible a perfect 35 feet diameter ring where the light stood. He showed his medical records which he had to pay the UK government to obtain as evidence. Members of his family provided written evidence also. His website will soon carry a document on this extraordinary series of events - similar accounts are being told by many leading researchers, even government officials themselves - what has been going on?. Dr. Lynne Kitei also revealed at the same conference that she too met strange beings when she was eight years old.

Dr. Lynne Kitei went on to present amazing video and photographs of the on going Phoenix Lights (UFOs). She has done a remarkable job and has been healthily skeptical but has some knock out evidence that this was no case of flares, more of deliberate misinformation to cover up what happened not once but many times.

Dr. Theodore Loder showed advanced energy technologies.

A brief report and video interviews, along with links to download the briefing papers can be seen now on the website.


The latest from Brazil on the new crop circle discovery.

Colin Andrews is assisting Prof A.J. Gevaerd in Brazil

Photos, the crop design and details now on the website.


Colin Andrews interview on Heart Radio (England) which is likely to be broadcast in England today regarding more cases of Tall Beings, as reported by a Police Sergeant near Silbury Hill on the 6th July this year - Is Silbury Hill
some kind of portal or Stargate? Two more reported from Silbury Hill and discussed on air.

From Mel Fabregas of The Veritas Show: Back from the CSETI conference in Arizona: "We Definitely made contact" – Read his letter and hear his radio show now.
From Prof. A.J. Gevaerd
Former Brazils Air Force minister makes astonishing statements about the action of extraterrestrial intelligences in the country. Posted on the website.
Colin Andrews in Rio Rica, Arizona 26th Oct 2009:
We The People Draw The Line:

"Views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but consistent with the paradigm we have entered, all are respected and hold equal weight.

There is no more time to play along with the rules and engineered social scenery produced by the 'global old boys club' from the past. The old paradigm is not just getting chaotic thankfully its dying and we now step forward over the threshold into potential for the goals sought by all previous generations: Truth, peace, justice, love and true representation. Respectful of all and with a new mindset we start off with natural laws:

#1 Every government on Earth should formulate its first DEPARTMENT OF PEACE. Now is the time for there is no place any longer for the lies, the spin the greed and the power games these people from the past play. - WE THE PEOPLE DRAW THE LINE. TODAY WE MUST GIVE OUR CHILDREN HOPE."

Colin Andrews at CSETI conference in Rio Rica, Arizona 26 Oct 2009.
Watch The Veritas Show interview from Rio Rica on the website.