Sunday, October 25, 2009

Secret UFO Files in Documents given to President Obama: Disclosure NOW on Extraterrestrial Existence and Secret files.

The time has come.

Expose the secret inner government and what they know about the UFO, the Extraterrestrial existence here on the planet and the technology being kept from a world and living planet which is in desperate need of it.

Secret files provided to President Obama and announced at CSETI Contact Conference in Arizona today.

IMPORTANT: Please circulate the following to everyone you know. Not only because its are right to have this important knowledge but that this request can pose dangerous territory for those asking. Its important for us to move as one: As Colin Andrews said at the same gathering "We the people draw our line". Dr. Greer and Colin Andrews will present what is expected to be ground breaking material at the CSETI conference now underway in Rio Rica, Arizona:

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