Friday, October 2, 2009

Researchers, Authors and Mayan Elders Concerns Grow about the Movie '2012'

Concerns when fiction and facts are thrown together and create unnecessary fear. Researchers, Authors and Elders CONCERNED about the movie ‘2012’.

Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews, co-authors of 'The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012’ and also below Mark Heley, author’ The Everything Guide to 2012’ and the Elders themselves call to boycott the movie.


It is irresponsible to mix fact with fiction creating fear at an already testing time for many. We are entering a period in our history which is likely going to be scary enough without a hysterical film like this to help it along.

Researchers and Authors on the subject of 2012 and the Mayan Prophecy, also the elders themselves question the wisdom of creating such a fear based movie as 2012 during a time when most of the population are feeling vulnerable and real signs of dramatic change are being felt. Fear is deliberately being created in this movie by mixing fact and fiction, more of the latter. This is very concerning and unwise and could have negative impact upon many people. As the signs of dramatic change impact our lives and evidence piles up that the Mayan Astronomers were scholars and calculated this period, if there was ever a time to pull together and examine the facts, its now (jion the 2012 debate here: ). This movie would serve the public best by being pulled. Perhaps Sony could consider running it when we have the hindsight of events after the fact. More lies, distortion and hype of the kind that placed us in this mess. How nice it would have been to have had them spend their millions on a positive uplifting movie about how best to pull together to tackle the many problems upon us, but no, these are the final dredges of an old and ending era, thank God.

Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews: co-authors The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012.


Sony and '2012': the facts and the fiction.
Mark Heley:
Author ‘The Everything Guide to 2012’, Adams Media

Indigenous elder calls for a media boycott of the new 2012 disaster movie. This week, on Thursday October 1st, between 10:50 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. EDT/PDT, Sony Pictures are planning an unprecedented media campaign across nearly 450 TV stations in the US in support of their forthcoming Roland Emmerich directed film. Three of the major US TV networks and dozens of cable stations will near simultaneously show a two minute preview from the film depicting what the film-makers describe as the largest scene ever filmed. This will effectively be the largest film preview in history……..To read the full release select the heading above.