Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally:- Silbury Hill Stargate ? - The full story of the police sergeant who witnessed ‘Tall Beings' next to Silbury Hill.

October 13, 2009.

Silbury Hill Stargate?
By Andrew Russell & Colin Andrews
Posted October 13, 2009.

Many will have read on my website about a police sergeant from Wiltshire, England who spotted three exceptionally ‘Tall Beings’ wearing white one piece garments, each were identical. The beings were in a field of cereals near a large crop circle. This incident took place at first light on the 6th July this year in a field opposite the famous ancient manmade mound known as Silbury Hill. There have been numerous sightings of beings in these same fields over several years and other extremely bizarre reports involving UFOs and even the British Military. The latest report was just yesterday (See side note below). All of these are now subject to a new investigation and project, headed by myself. This project will take the best part of the winter months to complete but the work has already started.

This is the exclusive report #1 and is the new and full article – part 1 is written by the primary contact with the policeman, Andrew Russell and part 2 – The field investigation by myself with the help on site of Dr. Synthia Andrews, Busty Taylor and Maria Wheatley - thanks also for the assistance of David Haith.

The report reveals:

The location of each of the beings.

The tracks found which seem to suggest a being went up or disappeared.

UFOs appear outside the officer’s home.

Poltergeist activity followed him from the field.

Missing time.

Strange sound.

Nordic faces.

Indications are that the UK Government is monitoring the site and has been for some years. The latter will be subject of one of the future special reports.

Side Note: A report was received yesterday from three middle aged men near Silbury Hill, who claim to have witnessed a tall BIG FOOT type creature - a massive 9 feet tall is what was told to me on the telephone to them yesterday afternoon. While shocked and trying to resolve what it was they were looking at, a second less tall creature walked out of the trees. This new report is currently under investigation. Four photos were taken of the first creature, one in the zoom mode.
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