Saturday, October 31, 2009

Very significant developments on Crop Circles, UFOs, Consciousness and even the researchers - The New Paradigm Is Here

New Postings on Colin Andrews Website:

Dr. Steven Greer announced his briefing document to President Obama and within minutes had a G7 Head of State and his team on his cellphone saying how fantastic and devastating his brief was....The documents available for download.

At the same venue in Rio Rica, Colin Andrews showed evidence that he has answers to some of the questions raised by interactions with UFOs, crop circles and even mysterious 'downloads’ of information by sudden awakening from deep sleep. We know the most important geometry he said - its a key of some kind.

Also he revealed for the first time in public what only his doctors and close family have known since he was five years old – twice he was floated out of his bedroom into a bright white light in a field behind his home. He showed photographs of mysterious blisters he had over his body for more than two years afterwards and also aerial photos over the field behind his home in England, where today after 58 years there is still clearly visible a perfect 35 feet diameter ring where the light stood. He showed his medical records which he had to pay the UK government to obtain as evidence. Members of his family provided written evidence also. His website will soon carry a document on this extraordinary series of events - similar accounts are being told by many leading researchers, even government officials themselves - what has been going on?. Dr. Lynne Kitei also revealed at the same conference that she too met strange beings when she was eight years old.

Dr. Lynne Kitei went on to present amazing video and photographs of the on going Phoenix Lights (UFOs). She has done a remarkable job and has been healthily skeptical but has some knock out evidence that this was no case of flares, more of deliberate misinformation to cover up what happened not once but many times.

Dr. Theodore Loder showed advanced energy technologies.

A brief report and video interviews, along with links to download the briefing papers can be seen now on the website.


The latest from Brazil on the new crop circle discovery.

Colin Andrews is assisting Prof A.J. Gevaerd in Brazil

Photos, the crop design and details now on the website.


Colin Andrews interview on Heart Radio (England) which is likely to be broadcast in England today regarding more cases of Tall Beings, as reported by a Police Sergeant near Silbury Hill on the 6th July this year - Is Silbury Hill
some kind of portal or Stargate? Two more reported from Silbury Hill and discussed on air.

From Mel Fabregas of The Veritas Show: Back from the CSETI conference in Arizona: "We Definitely made contact" – Read his letter and hear his radio show now.
From Prof. A.J. Gevaerd
Former Brazils Air Force minister makes astonishing statements about the action of extraterrestrial intelligences in the country. Posted on the website.
Colin Andrews in Rio Rica, Arizona 26th Oct 2009:
We The People Draw The Line:

"Views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but consistent with the paradigm we have entered, all are respected and hold equal weight.

There is no more time to play along with the rules and engineered social scenery produced by the 'global old boys club' from the past. The old paradigm is not just getting chaotic thankfully its dying and we now step forward over the threshold into potential for the goals sought by all previous generations: Truth, peace, justice, love and true representation. Respectful of all and with a new mindset we start off with natural laws:

#1 Every government on Earth should formulate its first DEPARTMENT OF PEACE. Now is the time for there is no place any longer for the lies, the spin the greed and the power games these people from the past play. - WE THE PEOPLE DRAW THE LINE. TODAY WE MUST GIVE OUR CHILDREN HOPE."

Colin Andrews at CSETI conference in Rio Rica, Arizona 26 Oct 2009.
Watch The Veritas Show interview from Rio Rica on the website.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From UFOs to the "Global Old Boys Club" - We the People Draw The Line.

28 October 2009.

"Views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but consistent with the paradigm we have entered, all are respected and hold equal weight.

There is no more time to play along with the rules and engineered social scenery produced by the 'global old boys club' from the past. The old paradigm is not just getting chaotic thankfully its dying and we now step forward over the threshold into potential for the goals sought by all previous generations: Truth, peace, justice, love and true representation. Respectful of all and with a new mindset we start off with natural laws:

#1 Every government on Earth should formulate its first DEPARTMENT OF PEACE. Now is the time for there is no place any longer for the lies, the spin the greed and the power games these people from the past play. - WE THE PEOPLE DRAW THE LINE. TODAY WE MUST GIVE OUR CHILDREN HOPE."

Colin Andrews at CSETI conference in Rio Rica, Arizona 26 Oct 2009. Watch The Veritas Show interview from Rio Rica below

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Secret UFO Files in Documents given to President Obama: Disclosure NOW on Extraterrestrial Existence and Secret files.

The time has come.

Expose the secret inner government and what they know about the UFO, the Extraterrestrial existence here on the planet and the technology being kept from a world and living planet which is in desperate need of it.

Secret files provided to President Obama and announced at CSETI Contact Conference in Arizona today.

IMPORTANT: Please circulate the following to everyone you know. Not only because its are right to have this important knowledge but that this request can pose dangerous territory for those asking. Its important for us to move as one: As Colin Andrews said at the same gathering "We the people draw our line". Dr. Greer and Colin Andrews will present what is expected to be ground breaking material at the CSETI conference now underway in Rio Rica, Arizona:

Please go to:

Please post and circulate widely (entire documents only)!

Read this online at:

Download PDF Files at:

Copyright 2009 Steven M. Greer, M.D.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Policeman watched three Extraterrestrials inspecting plants around new crop circle - Discussion at CSETI Conference this weekend.

Colin Andrews will present important developments surrounding the crop circles around the world and the latest flood of bizarre reports from Silbury Hill in England, including the report by a Policeman that he witnessed three Extraterrestrials inspecting plants in a field with a new crop circles. This case Colin has been investigating along with UFO researcher Andrew Russell since the 6th July this year when this case was reported by the officer.

In the last few hours this story has gone worldwide and interviews are being requested from Fox TV/New York Times and many other outlets. The police officer's case is the tip of the iceberg - stay tuned.

The full story surrounding Silbury Hill (The Silbury Hill Stargate) is unfolding on Andrews website:

Stay tuned for updates here and on his website.

Next updated directly from the Arizona CSETI Conference :

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

POLICE say the report of Tall Beings is a private matter - A 1975 UFO case changed Lindy Tucker's life - Colin Andrews to reveal a secret next monday.

October 20, 2009
Colin is presenting at the CSETI Contact conference Monday 26th, next week
in Arizona. He has some important things to say and will also discuss
something that only his immediate family and his doctors have known until now.

U.K. POLICE say the case of 'tall beings' near Silbury Hill, in Wiltshire, England as reported on Colin Andrews and Andrew Russell's websites and reported by one of their Police Sergeant's is a private matter - Andrews and Russell make joint statement about Newspaper report.

'Second Sight' an article by Lindy Tucker.On March 3,1975 my world started to change after being 'called outside' to witness a UFO.......all on NEW POSTINGS at:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Black Projects: An important television program first televised 20 years ago - Secret Circles by BBC TV. Intelligence behind crop circles?

When pushed Colin Andrews reveals his theory for the real circles, which in principle still stands.

Secret Circles
By B.B.C. West, 1989

One of the early television documentaries based upon the work of Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor and Dr. Terence Meaden.

Secret Circles 1989 - (1 of 3) From: b1ackprojects | January 28, 2009 | 2,234 views The first investigation into the "Wessex Triangle" phenomenon of Crop Circles televised in 1989.

In this program presented by Chris Vacher and discussed by Professor Heinz Wolff, they look at the various theories being put forward as to the cause of these mysterious markings. We meet the team of "Operation White Crow" run by Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor, Prof. Archie Roy, Dr. Terence Meaden and Dr. Chris Lyons - watching the fields at Cheesefoot Head near Winchester, a UFO researcher at Silbury Hill in Wiltshire and see a crop circle being made by the Army. Plus Terence Meaden discusses his whirlwind theory.

It was during the Cheesefoot Head project that an encounter with sound took place which was witnessed by many researchers there.

Colin Andrews is pushed to give his theory during the end of part 1. His theory still stands in principle and is offered to account for the 1996 Crop Circle design known as The Julia Set opposite Stonehenge, which an eye witness now claims to have seen form:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eye witness to the formation of a crop circle opposite Stonehenge.

Posted October 15, 2009
By Colin Andrews

In July of 1996 one of the most complex and spectacular crop circle designs ever seen appeared in a field opposite Stonehenge. The design became known as “The Julia Set” because it resembled the mathematical fractal called by that name. The formation was remarkable not only because of its complexity and beauty but also due to several anomalies associated with its discovery.

It arrived in daylight on a sunny day opposite a busy tourist spot surrounded by high traffic roads such as the A303. What is exceptional about this event is that it is the first time the window of arrival can be narrowed down.

The formation was first spotted from an aircraft at 6:15 PM. The pilot crossed over the field with a passenger (a medical doctor taking pictures) at 5:30 PM and both reported that there was no formation in the field at that time. This is corroborated by the security guards at Stonehenge who claimed the formation was not in the field when he arrived at work. The pilot landed his plane at the nearest airfield, the passenger disembarked, and the pilot refueled for another flight. The pilot took off again and crossed the field at 6:15 when he saw the Julia Set formation in the field.

At about the same time (6:30) his previous passenger drove past Stonehenge to see cars pulled off the side of the busy road. These cars will prove important to today’s new release.

The airspace around Stonehenge is secure airspace due to the proximity of the top secret air base of Boscombe Down. This means that all flights are monitored and reports are made. In my investigations of the claimed events I made inquiries with security at Stonehenge, the flight tower at Boscombe down, and checked police logs at Hampshire & Wiltshire Police control rooms. There was no evidence of anything occurring in the field before the sighting at 6:15 PM. This is the first report of a formation created in broad daylight in a busy area with no witnesses. Or were there?

Other anomalies of this sight showed up during filed investigations. I spent several days with a team of researchers examining all aspects of the formation; taking soil and plant samples, dowsing, measuring magnetic flux patterns, and interviewing people. We discovered that the design was energetically connected to Stonehenge by magnetic flux lines (below). When I interviewed the Wiltshire Police I was told that the police emergency lines received several 999 calls just before 6.00 PM reporting a large number of vehicles pulled off the road causing a hazard.

What has recently been revealed is that the people in those cars…..A taxi driver and passenger watched in disbelief as a spiraling …..Read
Full Report at:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Councillor Hicks OFFICIAL video (leaked): He is making a stand about UFOs and Extraterrestrials in and around his city and beyond.

Councillor Adrian Hicks, a city councillor for Winchester in Hampshire, England has now made an OFFICIAL stand on the issue of UFOs and Extraterrestrials in and around his city and beyond. Tonight a second video was leaked to me as was his new website just posted. Councillor Hicks feels strongly about the UFO issue and the fact that a UFO base is located near his city and that the public are not being given what the government knows about the issue.

The full story and new video can be seen here:

The 'Winchester Cluster' of high strangeness continues after many years:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally:- Silbury Hill Stargate ? - The full story of the police sergeant who witnessed ‘Tall Beings' next to Silbury Hill.

October 13, 2009.

Silbury Hill Stargate?
By Andrew Russell & Colin Andrews
Posted October 13, 2009.

Many will have read on my website about a police sergeant from Wiltshire, England who spotted three exceptionally ‘Tall Beings’ wearing white one piece garments, each were identical. The beings were in a field of cereals near a large crop circle. This incident took place at first light on the 6th July this year in a field opposite the famous ancient manmade mound known as Silbury Hill. There have been numerous sightings of beings in these same fields over several years and other extremely bizarre reports involving UFOs and even the British Military. The latest report was just yesterday (See side note below). All of these are now subject to a new investigation and project, headed by myself. This project will take the best part of the winter months to complete but the work has already started.

This is the exclusive report #1 and is the new and full article – part 1 is written by the primary contact with the policeman, Andrew Russell and part 2 – The field investigation by myself with the help on site of Dr. Synthia Andrews, Busty Taylor and Maria Wheatley - thanks also for the assistance of David Haith.

The report reveals:

The location of each of the beings.

The tracks found which seem to suggest a being went up or disappeared.

UFOs appear outside the officer’s home.

Poltergeist activity followed him from the field.

Missing time.

Strange sound.

Nordic faces.

Indications are that the UK Government is monitoring the site and has been for some years. The latter will be subject of one of the future special reports.

Side Note: A report was received yesterday from three middle aged men near Silbury Hill, who claim to have witnessed a tall BIG FOOT type creature - a massive 9 feet tall is what was told to me on the telephone to them yesterday afternoon. While shocked and trying to resolve what it was they were looking at, a second less tall creature walked out of the trees. This new report is currently under investigation. Four photos were taken of the first creature, one in the zoom mode.
- - - - - - End of Side note - - - -

Read the full first exclusive article Silbury Hill Stargate ? here:
Select New Postings from the menu at:

Select : New Postings on menu at:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Councillor Adrian Hicks video leaked: The tangled history of UFOs, Humanoids and Crop Circles in Southern England.

October 9, 2009
BREAKING NEWS: : Councillor Adrian Hicks in England who recently reported that he had witnessed along with hundreds of shoppers, a humanoid in the center of Winchester City, has called for the Governments of the United States and United Kingdom to expose 'Majestic' and to disclose ALL UFO files. A leaked video was sent to me tonight by Councillor Hicks. I was prompted by this to publish the long and tangled UFO and crop circle history in this region. You will see that after the Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt close encounter during 1976 and a strange ET voice heard by many thousands breaking into a television news program, nothing in the region has been the same.

Listen to the ET voice as heard by millions and the leaked video of Councillor Hicks demanding total disclosure and exposure of Majestic:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update: '2012 Astrology' An Exclusive article by former FBI special agent. A must read because we should be thinking about our plans.


The 2012 Astrology – Former FBI special agent, turned student of Astrology since 1972 says its “Stunning”. What does it mean to us all?

Alan J. Ouimet S.F.O. has been a student of astrology since 1972 and a practicing astrologer since his retirement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1988 as a Special Agent specializing in Counter Intelligence and Terrorism matters. He is a graduate of St. John's University (History) and a Masters Degree from the University of Connecticut (Political Science). Alan is also a member of the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO), since 1967, founded by Saint Francis of Assisi in the 13th Century. He is the president and founder of the Franciscan Family Apostolate which cares for the destitute in India; he is a founding director of Heart2Heart USA Inc which cares for HIV/AIDS children in Kenya and the Connecticut Urban Education Fund caring for at-risk children in New Haven, CT. He served on the Board of Trustees of the Society of Former Special Agents of the F.B.I. Foundation which cares the needy among the F.B.I. family. Alan's primary interest is in astrological research especially from the medieval to modern historical point of view.

…………………the astrological chart for December 21, 2012 is amazing. As a matter of fact, to the studied astrologer, it is stunning! One wonders how the Mayan astrologers arrived at this apparently auspicious date inasmuch as the aspect configurations and the planets involved, unseen by the naked eye, are familiar only to contemporary astrologers. Whatever method they used and whatever “the end of the Mayan calendar” means astrologically the 2012 chart is one of international social, civil, political and military unrest.

……………..The Amazing Feature of the 2012 Chart

What makes the chart of 2012 strike a note of amazement to the contemporary astrologer? The configuration of the four planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto form essentially one configuration which is esoterically known as “the Finger of God,” combined with a square aspect, suggesting the need for the physical manifestation of a reality which promises to be deep and revolutionary. This is auspicious indeed! This type of configuration, along with the planets Uranus and Pluto, was unknown not only to the Mayan astrologers, but also to the Western astrological tradition of the Tenth Century. Were it not for the students of the 2012 calendar I suspect most astrologers would not have come upon it by their own devices….You will need to grab a long coffee and give yourself an hour to take this in.

Please respect the author’s copyright:

Select top of page on this EXCLUSIVE link:

EXCLUSIVE: The 2012 Astrology by former FBI special agent Alan J. Ouimet S.F.O. The chart is stunning with extreme repercussions.

EXCLUSIVE: The 2012 Astrology.
Grab a long coffee and let this sink in.

Please respect the strict copyright of the author.

Alan J. Ouimet S.F.O. is a former FBI special Agent in Counter Intelligence and Terrorism, member of the Secular Franciscan Order, and founder and President of the Franciscan Family Apostolate. Since 1972 he has been a student of Astrology.

After reading 'The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012' he took a look at the 2012 chart for various countries and discovered an extremely powerful and meaningful alignment in them, an alignment respected by all leading Astrologers - called 'The Finger of God'.

The 2012 Astrology and the 'Finger of God' configuration is truly stunning he told Colin Andrews.

This EXCLUSIVE in depth article reinforces a very profound paradigm shift with extreme repercussions for everyone. A new period awaits the other side of the storm.

Prepare, plan and be informed about the magnitude of changes now upon us but 2012-2015 will effect US ALL. From winter 2009 onwards everything begins to change.

A must read but grab a long coffee first and allow an hour to let this sink in: Select the header above to go to

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"We must draw our line in the sand - Governments MUST come clean NOW and be made accountable. This MUST be the time. Our future depends upon it."


Colin Andrews feels strongly that as governments around the world now begin to release all of their hitherto secret files on UFOs and crop circles, this is in fact what they are doing - finally coming clean. The planet is in an irreversible paradigm shift, and a successful embracement of the new paradigm will only be achieved if we remedy the lessons learned from the old. More lies, deception and spin will not work - literally.

"No Government, Religion, Corporation or any individual has the right to keep such vital information from the people any longer, and hence control the advancement of human consciousness. The truth leads us to a better place."

The deceivers in this mix should be allowed to tell their own story. Andrews' recent book Government Circles blasted holes in the British Government's official statement that they were not involved in crop circle research nor did they issue a gag order on the media ('D Notice') surrounding the famous surveillance project 'Operation Blackbird' in 1990. Andrews has shown evidence that they lied and he has also published documentary evidence that high level meetings took place inside Prime Minister Thatcher's cabinet about the circles. He has proven by his intimate connection with the Queen that as Head of State, she also was deliberately misled, as were the public and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In recent weeks the former head of the Ministry of Defense UFO project has acknowledged publicly that Andrews' version of events is correct.

2009: Is This the Last Grand Showing in the Fields?
The End of the Road and the Conclusions after 86 Years of Crop Circles.

Colin Andrews believes that we have witnessed the last crop circle season of its kind. There is so much to cover since April 2009, including extraordinary designs, reports of UFOs and even 'Tall Beings' in the fields, cameras failing, and just about every other paranormal activity seen throughout the past sixteen years - but wrapped into nineteen weeks.

Andrews was personally threatened with legal action from a very high level in the UK if certain documents were not removed from his website and this presentation. Such is the level of nervousness by some surrounding events this year - an action-packed year filled with amazing results, increased interest by the Intelligence community, and sad losses.

17 years after Dr. Steven Greer and Colin Andrews experienced an event which gave birth to the CSETI logo, Andrews reveals why that geometry has never left the radar screen.

The CSETI emblem was chosen following a multiply witnessed large-scale interactive event which took place in England during 1992 with Dr. Steven Greer, Colin Andrews, and around 50 eyewitnesses. That geometry has continued to be a focus of Andrews' research since that day, and at the conference he will show why he thinks the geometry is so key and is being communicated to us in such inexplicable modes.

Colin Andrews has decided to make public for the first time something which happened to him when he was a young child. Only Andrews' close family and his doctors have known about this until now.

He believes we must all step forward and risk ridicule, simply laying out the whole thing as it is, and not worrying about the conditioned social environment designed to contain and maintain the status quo. He hopes making this public will set an example and encourage others who have had similar experiences to come forward.

Don't miss renowned Crop Circle Researcher Colin Andrews' presentation at CSETI's CONTACT: Countdown to Transformation Conference in Rio Rico, Arizona (45 minutes south of Tucson) October 24-26, 2009.

Monday, October 5, 2009

More strange alien reports from southern England. Female seen by many witnesses in City center.

A message just sent to the journalist covering this bizarre case in England.

Sent: Monday, October 5, 2009 11:06:16 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Andrew: Colin Andrews regarding your Winchester Alien report

Hello Andrew,

I hope this finds you well.

Ive just seen your article about Councilor Hicks report of a female alien he witnessed in Winchester High Street. It certainly sounds very bizarre but resembles the report by a Wiltshire Police Sergeant who witnessed three tall beings in a field next to Silbury Hill on the A4 near Marlborough on 7th July this year. The officer stopped and watched these beings. He also reports them as moving strangely and also dressed in identical one piece white garments with large eyes. Wiltshire police artist has drawn what he claims to have seen. He now reports UFO activity near his home. As you can see there are striking similarities to these reports and while several years separates them, they took place just 35 miles apart. I am also following up several other similar cases north of Andover. I have no idea what this all means but credible witnesses deserve a credible response.

I will be presenting his case at an International conference in Arizona in two weeks time (CSETI "Contact"). I believe you know I lived in Andover, Hampshire but for the last 18 years in Connecticut, USA.

The Councillor reported to you that there were reports of ufo activity at the military base, do you know which base he was referring to?

I realize you are busy Andrew, I wonder if its possible for you to put me in touch with Councillor Hicks? Have any other witnesses come forward? Any idea if a local UFO group is following this story up? Off the record ........removed.

I appreciate any help you might be able to give me.

Best wishes

Colin (Andrews)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Researchers, Authors and Mayan Elders Concerns Grow about the Movie '2012'

Concerns when fiction and facts are thrown together and create unnecessary fear. Researchers, Authors and Elders CONCERNED about the movie ‘2012’.

Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews, co-authors of 'The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012’ and also below Mark Heley, author’ The Everything Guide to 2012’ and the Elders themselves call to boycott the movie.


It is irresponsible to mix fact with fiction creating fear at an already testing time for many. We are entering a period in our history which is likely going to be scary enough without a hysterical film like this to help it along.

Researchers and Authors on the subject of 2012 and the Mayan Prophecy, also the elders themselves question the wisdom of creating such a fear based movie as 2012 during a time when most of the population are feeling vulnerable and real signs of dramatic change are being felt. Fear is deliberately being created in this movie by mixing fact and fiction, more of the latter. This is very concerning and unwise and could have negative impact upon many people. As the signs of dramatic change impact our lives and evidence piles up that the Mayan Astronomers were scholars and calculated this period, if there was ever a time to pull together and examine the facts, its now (jion the 2012 debate here: ). This movie would serve the public best by being pulled. Perhaps Sony could consider running it when we have the hindsight of events after the fact. More lies, distortion and hype of the kind that placed us in this mess. How nice it would have been to have had them spend their millions on a positive uplifting movie about how best to pull together to tackle the many problems upon us, but no, these are the final dredges of an old and ending era, thank God.

Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews: co-authors The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012.


Sony and '2012': the facts and the fiction.
Mark Heley:
Author ‘The Everything Guide to 2012’, Adams Media

Indigenous elder calls for a media boycott of the new 2012 disaster movie. This week, on Thursday October 1st, between 10:50 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. EDT/PDT, Sony Pictures are planning an unprecedented media campaign across nearly 450 TV stations in the US in support of their forthcoming Roland Emmerich directed film. Three of the major US TV networks and dozens of cable stations will near simultaneously show a two minute preview from the film depicting what the film-makers describe as the largest scene ever filmed. This will effectively be the largest film preview in history……..To read the full release select the heading above.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sony and the movie "2012" – Concerns about fear

Sony and the movie 2012 – concerns
Join the 2012 Debate at

2012 was originally scheduled to be released on July 10, 2009. The release date was changed to November 13, 2009 to move out of the busy summer schedule into a time frame that the studio considered to have more potential for financial success. According to the studio, the film could have been completed for the summer release date, but the date change will give more time to the production.

Researchers of the 2012 Mayan Prophecy, such as co-authors Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews (The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012) are concerned that the confusion of fiction with facts could cause serious worries for some people. These authors have concluded that the Mayan astronomers were able to calculate the 2012 date with great accuracy and that some serious problems are coming - not though on the scale of those shown in the movie. "There will be a 2013" they said.

Join the 2012 Debate at:
Coming soon "The 2012 Astrology by former FBI special agent(counter terrorism) Alan Ouimet