Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Media hype in The Netherlands claim the largest crop circle ever

The media and others in The Netherlands have been hyping what they claim is the discovery of the largest crop circle ever. Well firstly it falls well short of that claim but is as shown in the photograph very attractive.

When it seemed very few in the crop circle community were reporting upon the story, which was being circulated to a large mailing list of researchers around the world, more E-mails followed claiming that it was made by a team of 60. This claim was challenged by some people and a third circular followed stating that the construction was filmed and that this film would be released to the public.

Its really a no story, its just another crop circle made by people, leaving many around the world without rational explanation and also many more that are indeed made by humans but that attracted paranormal attention - this neither tackled by the media who run with just easy, crazy stories that require very little work on their part. Time is ticking in a period of critical transition, not helped with more wasted effort and energy. We don't seem to be passing the test of our time do we!

Colin Andrews

The photograph is shown as #67 on the 2009 Photo Gallery here: