Thursday, September 17, 2009

Its arrived - The shift has begun.

Its arrived - The shift has begun.
No more time for the lies – from today we get real.
By Colin Andrews
17th September 2009

From Google to National Geographic, with stories about H.G. Wells to crop circles, serious irreversible changes are underway. The first of a series of bulletins to inform and advise as events unfold at

The next bulletin is extremely important and is an exclusive report from former FBI special agent, Alan J. Ouimet, on the significance of the 2012 Astrological chart and the Mayan Prophecy – As unlikely as this might seem, he is back from an International conference about this issue and he said: "This is known as The Finger of God and the events predicted are astounding".

My last 30 years research has lead me to this moment in human history. Many indicators have suggested a period of potential chaos and an unbelievable paradigm shift. I have traveled the world researching many avenues of inquiry from crop circles to native peoples, from scientists in many fields to religious leaders. Today, I am satisfied I’ve found the answer to what has driven me.

How we arrived at this cross roads together and which road we take from here, if indeed our route remains available, is what this new series will cover.

From this point on, it’s serious stuff, no more messing with egos, agendas or show biz of any kind. The days of lies, spin and denial are passed. For the sake of our planet and our children from this day on we have no choice but to get real.

If necessary people will get called out and theories and statements challenged but most important is preparing to work with the truth and a world which will be so very different to today's.

Today I start HERE: