Saturday, September 19, 2009

Everyone keeps saying things are going bad, they are not, they are dying - Celebrate the birth of the new

Earth Pilgrim - A new film by Echan Deravy.

"Everyone is worrying and saying everything is going bad, its not going bad, its dying. The old system is dying, let it die, celebrate the birth of the new" - Satish Kumar.
. . . "politicians and activists who bark on about peace at levels of consciousness far below these are seriously wasting both our time and their own. Peace is not a result. It is a primary cause. It is not a reaction to war, it is the very foundation of civilized and conscious life" - Echan Deravy.....
Uncannily but more pieces of the 2012 Mayan Prophecy are coming together: NEW ALERT - Chikungunya virus has spread - now beyond Africa into India and Italy; This is much more serious than the West Nile virus which is also spreading like wildfire ahead of it and is in almost every state throughout North America. This story now forms part of the 2012 Debate.........
Crop Circles - UFOs - Economy - Relgions etc:

No More Time For The Lies - Today We Get Real.
Its arrived - The shift to and beyond 2012 has begun.

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