Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The computers working on Crop Circles, UFOs, Consciousness and 2012 under systematic attack.

NOTICE: The three computers that I work with and share data about the Crop Circles, UFO, Consciousness and 2012 studies have been under systematic attack in the last few days. ALL data was somehow removed from one of the key computers while I was out of town, which has regrettable stopped work (temporarily) on articles planned to have been posting on the website this week (Entry below). My almost completed 2009 report, which included the update situation surrounding the policeman who allegedly witnessed 'Tall Beings' near Silbury Hill, England during July, was also removed. Please be patient while attempts are made to re-source that data - the actual files do seem gone for good. Some recovery of material has been possible from normal backups but I'm afraid not all. The planned releases WILL be posted as soon as possible.