Saturday, August 29, 2009

An exceptional crop circle season for high strangeness.

2009 Crop Circle Research Report
By Colin Andrews


During the closing days of 2008 crop circle researcher Dr. Jonathan Sherwood passed away suddenly. Sadly 2009 witnessed the passing of a further four well known crop circle researchers: John Michell, David Kingston, Paul Vigay and Pat Delgado.

Unusual number of circles in oil seed rape.

Exceptional season for High Strangeness reports.

Tall Beings seen by policeman and others near a man-made crop circle at Silbury Hill.

Strange flashes of light seen over many years filmed by Win Keech – Beings said to manifest and disappear.

Crop Circle design at Oare: Camera’s fail/Tree branch down/Beings and craft filmed.

Farmer allegedly shooting above the heads of crop circle researchers – police drop case.

Crop Circle Researcher filmed touching UFO.

Robbert van den Broeke, a claimed psychic in the Netherlands captures UFOs in his photos and is taken on board craft as crop circles are made for him etc.

Media pay for circles to be made for various reasons.

UFO chased by military and filmed by TV crew.

Several new TV documentaries made: Charlie Gumbiner and National Geographic.

West Overton: Strange objects rise from the woods and seen by multiple witnesses inside a crop circle. Captured in photos and on film now in my pocession.

Themes: 2012/Solar Activity/Astronomy/Nasca Patterns/Creatures.

MOD release more UFO files and the official statement of involvement in crop circles and UFOs confirmed as false.

Its been quite a year: Full report being prepared.

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