Friday, July 24, 2009

The Police Sergeant who witnessed three tall beings - The follow up interview.

24th July 2009.
Colin Andrews - on site in England.

Andy Russell has posted the complete transcript of the follow up interview with the policeman since I left my office in the US for UK. I have asked if its possible to meet with the policeman in the next few days.

This is Andy's report:

Having driven the route with the officer several times, several things became apparent:

When we arrived at the location where he parked his car (side of the road) he pointed to where the beings were, according to the officer one was very near the brow of the hill, one was a few yards further down in a different tramline, and one was about halfway down the slight hill. So I asked the $64,000,000 question about the fact that the formation couldn’t be seen from the road. His response was that he knew prior to the experience there was a formation ’somewhere over there’ (he had heard this discussed) and he ‘knew’ they had been in it. He ‘knew’ they were inspecting the crop. When questioned how he ‘knew’ he said that ‘you know what day of the week it is, but no-one has told you, you haven’t seen a calender, you just know’. Did he have some psychic awareness? Was something communicated to him? This is a man who views the world in the black and white of the letter of the law, this is a man whose testimony can imprison someone, in my humble opinion he is not taken to flights of fancy with metaphysical concepts. I am reminded of Mike Booths experience of seeing some objects ‘working’ on creating a circle in a field and the psychic element of that experience. I think his original statement of ‘figures in the formation’ was a generalisation based on his knowledge and what we have learned later. I also think that if his motive was to create a story he wouldn’t have fallen for this basic error, his story would have knitted together better.

We moved on to the figures running away at speed. If two of them were so close to the brow of the hill, how much running would he actually see? One of them would have disappeared instantly as they were near the brow of the hill. He says that they moved very fast, as if you were watching a video or DVD in fast forward mode. This would have been noticeable for the being farthest from the hill brow. As we spoke I watched the hairs on the officers arms raise as he relived the experience in his mind. When I asked whether they ran away out of sight or disappeared he was adamant they disappeared. He claimed he glanced away for a second and his claims that the being that was the furthest away was not near enough the brow of the hill for him to run out of view despite his rapid movement. Again, there is a deep ‘knowing’ they disappeared. As we stood by the side of the road he became very nervous of the people gathering at the busy Silbury Hill car park, I believe this experience has left a mark deeper than he realises.

After showing me where he tried to enter the field we drove to his home. We drove the route, and relived the experience several times. The last three times I timed the route, and asked him about how long each stage of the experience lasted, and for the three journeys I timed we have a five minute discrepency. Now, even allowing for a busier road (it was Marlborough Jazz festival last weekend) and how quiet it would have been the morning of the experience, the timings do not add up and I believe we have five minutes missing time. As a clinical hypnotherapist I have done quite a bit of work with experiencers over the years so I have got quite adept at spotting missing time. His wife also verifies the time of his arrival home on that day, and it tallies with my belief there is at least five minutes missing time. At the moment the officer does not wish to explore this missing time.

After the experience the officer suffered what he called poltergeist experiences. Several electrical items began to malfunction and there were strange knocks at the front door. When the officer answered the door there would be no-one there. The officer felt he had brought something home with him, several days after the experience he said that he had felt a presence within his home. Sometimes, when walking out to the kitchen, he said he saw in his minds eye a brief flash of a towering black figure (approx 8ft) standing before him. These types of experiences are quite common with experiencers.

A few days after the experience the officer felt there were pieces of the experience coming to mind that he was not at first aware of. He came to believe that the beings were identical, in a clone-like manner but also shared an intelligence, almost in a hive-like mentality. He also believes that these beings were not responsible for this or any crop circle. He also went on to state that he shouldn’t have seen what he had seen, and believes this was communicated to him at the time. He doesn’t know where this information came from and these concepts and thoughts are outside his usual frame of reference.

I am quite convinced that the officer had an experience that day, and one that we have not fully explored as I think with the unusual movement of the beings, the missing time and the poltergeist type experinces after the event, just to name a few, there is too much additional information to say this is something in nothing. I do not believe the officer has the knowledge to create this story to the detail he has. A cursory glace on his bookcase in his living room and his study reveal no books that would suggest a knowledge or belief in UFOs, para-psychology or the paranormal. His cursory interest in crop circles comes from an experience his daughter had and how crop circles affect policing in the Wiltshire area (increased traffic, irate farmers, reports of damage to crops etc).

Through the original release of this information several people have come forward to claim similar experiences within the same area over the last few years. Most of these stories have excellent leads to follow up on. I believe that this area is especially important, just as much now as it was for the original builders, and I believe we will see more of these types of incidents in the future.

The officer is planning to use a police sketch artist from another police authority to produce images from the experience.