Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Photograph of Armed Police Arrest in Crop Circle Field

Photograph has been posted on my website of the armed arrest of the farmer who alledgedly opened fire above the heads of visitors to a crop circle on his land in Wiltshire. The crop circle concerned had been revisted several times after its original discovery, each time new additions appeared. The final straw might have broke the farmers back, when he cut out parts of the formation design and cleverly it was visited yet again and "repaired".

An appeal is made to the public and farmers to cool it.

Its been an intense week in the crop circle fields near Silbury Hill, Wiltshire. Crop patterns are appearing almost every day, some are being re-visited and added to even under the noses of people camping on the hills around them and add to that increased UFO activity, some filmed and a policeman witnessing extremely tall beings in a crop circle field there which confirmed other similar reports over several years and one can see that the situation is rather intense.

This will be my last update before departing the USA for those very fields in England. I will update the blog directly from UK and so please do check back.

Colin Andrews - 15th July.