Sunday, July 5, 2009

Unexplained Phenomena Alert Level 10 Red issued for the first time. Crop Circle and UFO developments

Unexplained Phenomena Alert Level 10 Red (High)

Level 10 has been issued for the first time since it was devised in 1989 following the Cheesefoot Head incident ( ).

The alert is intended to inform the research fraternity and the public that three key ingredients of a paradigm change have come into play.

The first ingredient being coherence from intuitive s that significant potential for paradigm shift exists + high quality unexplained phenomena are taking place... (Example: High quality UFO activity or high quality crop circle discoveries with unexplained features which can not currently be accounted for and are evolving rapidly)


Independent scientific data agrees with the data assessed to be contained within at least one high quality unexplained event such as a crop circle... (Example: NASA data shows Solar flare ejection field, hitting earth on the same day as suggested by a crop circle communication)


Evidence exists that there is no possibility of collusion between these essential elements.

Some of the new postings below show events in the past few days which have caused this alert to be issued. This is the first time in ten years that the top alert level has been issued and any future alerts will only be issued on the very best available data. See New Postings for current events - stay tuned next 48 – 60 hours.


Unusual Events are unfolding in the fields and in the heavens.

Strange developments in the crop circles.

More UFO’s filmed around the crop circles, one chased by British military aircraft and captured by a TV crew in the fields. Another by researchers.

The Sun is suddenly in a bad mood and has produced a large flare which will hit Earth on the same date predicted by recent crop designs. (in approx 36 hours)

Strange events continue to be witnessed by crop circle researchers and people making some of them. One such person, Matthew Williams is seemingly receiving messages from his Mother, who passed away a short while ago. All in recent postings at

For the first time Phenomenon Alert Level Red 10 has been issued. HERE

“Some day in the future humankind will look far into the Universe and witness the construct of its own brain” -
Colin Andrews 2000