Monday, July 27, 2009

More strange sightings from the crop circle fields of England - Colin Andrews in the fields

Sunday 26th July 2009
Report from the crop circle fields of England.

Today I visited the site of a particularly interesting crop circle design, discovered in a field at Martinsell, near Marlborough, Wiltshire.

The purpose of the visit was to make a general observation of the formation, details and its general surroundings. The group I attended with also had some instrumentation which was limited but useful as general indicators of conditions that exist.

The design was positioned in a mature but not ripened field of wheat on relatively high ground in a cutting surrounded by tree's. The design did not fit entirely into the confines of the field and was cut off as it straddled into a field of grass on its western flank. The grass was totally unaffected by the event. This has been seen on a small number of occasions before.

The team I visited with included Dr. Simeon Hein, Dr. Synthia Andrews, Lindy Tucker, Ron Russell, A meteorologist and MUFON investigator with his wife who is also a MUFON investigator, along with a CSETI investigator (The latter I do not have permission to name).

Notes of interest:
A very large tree was observed to have recently fallen at the edge of the field and close to the formation - seen also on aerial photographs taken when discovered. Not yet established exactly when this happened but the leaves are still growing and not even limp and so obviously very recent.

The number of rotations of the spiral arms within the largest central circle exceeded 7 rotations, which has been one factor in the past considered not to be of the original genuine phenomenon but should not be used to write off the design as un-important.

The crop involved was exceptionally flat to the ground and lacking structured pressure veins, seen in many of recent years.

Occasional pulses of higher than normal magnetic field readings were observed but could be associated with solar flux activity at present.

Two digital camera's failed within moments of each other, approximately half way through our visit - including my own.

I have been shown photographs taken there (not during our visit) of strange objects, orbs and what looks like exceptionally tall light being at the site. I have offered to have them analysed by a leading expert in the USA. These photos were taken by Andrew Pyrka ( can be seen here: ), who has already captured other impressive objects over crop circles in recent weeks.

I can also say that today I was informed there is soon to be another important sworn statement and professional sketches made public by the police sergeant who claims to have witnessed tall beings in a field near a crop circle, south of Silbury Hill earlier this month.

Full details to support the above will be posted on my website on my return in August.