Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farmer fires on visitors to crop circles and military step up surveillance

Appeal to cool it in the crop circle fields of southern England.
Farmer fires on visitors to crop circles and military step up surveillance
The day after a Policeman witnessed three tall beings in a crop circle field.

Where will it all go from here?

This letter received from Lindy Tucker, USA today 14 July 2009.

A bizarre twist:

The ranch hand was arrested today carrying a gun. Apparently the farmer has started to cut out the formation that appeared on his land a few days ago, cutting off the tips of the butterfly wings. But the wings grew back, or were re-formatted. Also other circles grew around the formation (grapeshot).The ranch hand was arrested for carrying a rifle today. The farmer told him to shoot any croppies on sight. Now look at the photos yourself. Are any hoaxers willing to risk their lives to make these formations? This certainly is about to bring out the attention of the British Ministry of Defense AND the media. If it's NOT hoaxers, they will be FORCED to investigate.

Comment by Colin Andrews:

I agree Lindy, the gun incident almost guarantees more direct action by the authorities. They now have a good justification to be seen in and around the crop circle sites. Expect more special aircraft and police presence to keep the public out of the fields and I would be very surprised if the farmers Union don't now more aggressively lobby the government to put a stop to what they believe is all hoaxing. We've been here before but something now is different - the last time they offered $10,000 to find the culprits. They did'nt find them and something else has beaten them to the fields.

Recent reports of strange beings and UFOs are something no government will control - change is here and we better start adjusting for it. All this said, the police have a job to do and nutty farmers like this one might not be the last as frustrations boil over and challenges to their realities begin to stack. I would guess that it will not be too many days before people making them will also get their surprises . Transition is under way and I think we might all be surprised where this leads.

Colin Andrews.

This letter also received today might be the first signs that the day after the policeman witnessed the tall beings at Silbury Hill (7th), very high tech military surveillance aircraft became active in the area:

From: RAY

Please link to: http://www.colinandrews.net/PolicemanSilburyHill2009Update.html