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“On this 40th year Anniversary of man’s landing on the Moon - BBC tape obtained

C.P.R. International Official Release

“On this 40th year Anniversary of man’s landing on the Moon (July 20th, 1969), we still experience the illegal retention of the truth about other species landing on our own planet”.
Posted 2100 hrs – US eastern time - 20th June 2009

By Colin Andrews

Many will have followed the case I have pursued in recent months to demonstrate that we must be cautious in accepting what our governments tell us when they claim to be opening UFO files. Yes, even when they claim as the British Government have done, that we are getting the truth and seeing all the de-classified UFO files.

Nick Pope, the former head of the official UFO project for the Ministry of Defence in the British Government, published a report in 2004 in which he claimed it represented the official position with regards the Margaret Thatcher Government and the head of state, the Queen. In other words this report states the truth about their UFO and crop circle activities and if you have heard anything else, its untrue.

I cover all the statements he made in my book ‘Government Circles’ and have covered them extensively on my website and so will not spend further time here. Only to say that the UFO and crop circle subjects are being manipulated by both U.K. and U.S. governments and the truth behind both subjects, Nick Pope CAN NOT TELL YOU – EVEN IF HE KNEW.

My new book has been widely accepted as evidence that Nick Pope’s government version of events was completely untrue. But there is something even more alarming than this. (Read On).

I have shown in the book and also in my presentation at the Exopolitical X-Conference in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago, that there were cases I was personally involved in that involved crop circles AND UFO’s and in these cases the UFO data did not appear in the documents released in the UK UFO release program, at least not so far. My concern is that we might not be witnessing anything more than selective documents being released, in this ongoing puzzle. And a puzzle it is becoming.

I have today obtained the BBC recording of a live interview I did with Nick Pope on Sunday May 3, 2009 a few days after the Washington D.C. X-Conference presentation.

I think this portion of the interview, now on my website gives reason for concern, where Nick acknowledges that even though we are now in the new period of declassification of UFO and crop circle documents, there still might be things he CAN NOT TELL US. He also admits that my book has presented evidence of a level of government and Head of State involvement that he was NOT AWARE of.

The BBC recording is very important for those who are seeking the truth and who have to assess if when they are told they are getting it, that they actually are. Remember when you are listening to this interview that what we are seeking are ALL THE UFO FILES IN GOVERNMENT POSSESSION and that are currently being illegally kept secret from the public.

Ironic indeed that 40 years after Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the Moon that our governments speak so blasé about what they ‘cant tell us’ about other species stepping foot on our very own planet. Listen to this important portion from the BBC interview for yourself:

Colin Andrews

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