Thursday, May 28, 2009

Funeral arrangements for Pat Delgado's service - also radio interview with Colin Andrews following Pat's death.

The funeral arrangements for Pat Delgado’s service on Tuesday the 2nd June and also a live radio interview (requested by City Talk FM) with Colin Andrews following Pat’s sad death. Details here:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The original crop circle researcher Pat Delgado has sadly passed away.

Noon, 23 May 2009.
From Colin Andrews

Pat Delgado, famous for being the person who started serious research into what became known as crop circles, passed away at 8.30 AM (U.K.) today in Winchester Hospital, Hampshire, England. Pat was a very young 90 years of age, when cancer struck and took a very rapid toll in recent weeks.

He was a compassionate and sensitive human being, an excellent engineer and reputable healer. He was a dear friend and my co-author who was largely responsible for one of the happiest periods of my life.

I send my deepest and most sincere condolences to Norah (his Wife), Jan (only Daughter) and Guy (Grandson) who did all they could in such distressing circumstances. Love to you all.

My dedication:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Colin Andrews One-Two Punch and Now his New Book Creates a Firestorm. The Ministry of Defence's Nick Pope Withdraws Much of the Official Government St

Colin Andrews one-two punch and now his new book creates a firestorm. The Ministry of Defence's Nick Pope withdraws much of the official Government statement on crop circles and Ufos.

Colin Andrews delivered his first punch in New York last month at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, when he disputed the British Governments official statement regards involvement of the Ministry of Defence in crop circle and Ufo research. Andrews showed documentary evidence from his new book 'Government Circles' that they lied and not just once. Punch two came in Washington D.C. days later during a fire storm presentation at the X-Conference where additional indisputable evidence was shown in the presence of the original government author, Nick Pope. During the week that followed Andrews appeared live on BBC radio again with Nick Pope where during heavy questioning, Pope admitted that Andrews was right and effectively withdraw much of his original government statement. The actual government position and involvement, as shown by Andrews are extremely important for both the crop circles and UFO subjects and demonstrate why we need to be vigilant with the accuracy and truthfulness of statements made by governments, EVEN during this 'so called' period of CHANGE and transparency. Andrews said “It’s the truth we demand not version two of version one. We have to be sure that history is not re-written to distort the foundation on which full disclosure is made and also that it IS full disclosure when it comes - so far it has NOT been, it’s far from it".

Saturday, May 2, 2009

British Government Secretly Studies Crop Circles & UFO Connection.

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner
By Michael Salla, Ph.D.

[Updated 05/01/09] At a conference in the Washington DC metropolitian area, famed crop circle researcher Colin Andrews revealed that the UK government has covered up the extent of official and Royal family interest in the crop circle phenomenon. There were also efforts to suppress any investigation into a connection between UFOs and crop circles. Finally, Andrews revealed official interest in the possibility that a 1987 crash of a British Harrier jet was caused by it passing through an unknown energy field created by crop circles. While the British government has…………….Full article:

Colin Andrews NEW Book 'Government Circles' is out. Colin with Nick Pope LIVE on BBC Radio Sunday 3rd May.

Colin Andrews NEW book 'Government Circles' is now out.

Colin will appear 'live' on the 'Mike Powell Show' on BBC radio with Nick Pope, the former head of the British Ministry of Defence UFO project - Sunday 3rd May at 10.0 AM to 11.0 AM US eastern (3.0 PM to 4.0 PM U.K.):
Live here:

'Government Circles' can be purchased in Paperback/E-book or PDF for immediate download:

Colin Andrews website :