Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Colin Andrews to Show Important Evidence at X-Conference Friday

Colin Andrews will be presenting at the X-Conference in Washington D.C. Friday 17 at 12.0 noon. Incredible Evidence will show that the U.K. Government Lied about their involvement in Crop Circle and UFO research.

Andrews Research:
4,000+ circles - 1,250+ types
50+ countries - 1,000+ hrs video
40,000+ photos - 10,000+ documents

He will show evidence that the official data given to Nick Pope to deny government involvement in the crop circles and UFO research was false. He will also show evidence that they lied about the issuing of a 'D-Notice' to stop media reporting on crop circles and other shocking evidence will demonstrate why he is warning caution regarding the latest release of classified UFO documents by the U.K. Government.

The one and a half hour presentation will show several fully documented cases of detailed interaction with a mysterious source and why Andrews is dedicated to focusing his efforts now in the research of human consciousness.

For those who can not attend or those who want to see this important historic record for themselves a new PDF can be downloaded here from Friday the 17th April: