Monday, April 13, 2009

Colin Andrews at the X-Conference in Washington next week warns caution.

(Next week in Washington: Colin Andrews will warn caution regards new attempts to re-write the UFO and Crop Circle history with yet another new era of lies.)

In New York last:

Joint presentations by Edgar Mitchell and Colin Andrews in New York yesterday was a huge success for the Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

The theatre was full and almost the entire audience remained during questions and beyond. Strong evidence was presented by both speakers that the study of human consciousness is where a number of wide ranging studies have lead. The UFO and crop circles to name but two.

Andrews showed cases of bizarre placement of designs which had been either prayed for ahead of time, with not just the actual designs requested but the specific locations being met. Identical cases where shown of people intending to make designs in specific places which arrived on the nights planned but were not made by those who had planned to be the creators.

Strange sounds, each being almost identical (5.2-5.4 khz) have been recorded around the circles and analyised to show they are almost identicle and very close to the frequency Dolphin's communicate as well as the United States Navy submarines.

A design of great interest has been indentfied in his research which is being further studied because of the circumstances and nature of the events that have surrounded it.

He suggested that its conceivable that the hoaxing began as either an intended manipulation of two men which started a deliberate social experiment or that this has simply been the outcome by accident. Evidence is beginning to stack that suggests there is a plan and that we are all involved in it, and why he believes Consciousness is where the study must focus.

Edgar Mitchell spoke in great detail about his own view of consciousness and his private efforts to encourage more openness about the UFO subject, because as he said if for no other reason, we have to get off this planet some time soon.

The two speakers clearly respected each other and complimented each other during one totally enjoyable and informative afternoon and evening.

Edgar Mitchell and Colin Andrews will be taking part with many other International speakers at the X-Conference in Washington D.C. next weekend. Colin’s Presentation will be called Government Circles – this will warn caution that the UK release of secret UFO files recently, may not represent a truly full and honest disclosure of the archive. He will set the record straight and show evidence that the former head of the British Government’s UFO Project, Nick Pope’s published version of the Official record regarding Government and the Queen’s involvement in the crop circles, is not accurate. He will end his presentation where he and Edgar Mitchell did last Saturday in New York, showing why he thinks the most important study of them all is - Consciousness.

X-Conference in Washington D.C. 18-19 April, 2009: