Monday, March 23, 2009

This is our time - Human Consciousness expanding - Here we go.....

UFO Close Encounters.
U.K. Government ministers were alerted.

United Kingdom ministers were briefed over a UFO photographed hovering over the Scottish countryside, it has emerged. Newly released Ministry of Defence files reveal they took the unusual step of informing senior Cabinet figures after an unidentified object was captured on camera in Perthshire.While most reports of flying saucers are quickly dismissed by defence chiefs, the previously classified papers show the sighting, which took place near Pitlochry in 1990, was taken extremely seriously.A former MoD official who investigated the case told Scotland on Sunday that despite strenuous efforts they could find no earthly explanation for the craft.Witnesses reported seeing a large, diamond-shaped object hanging in the air next to a RAF Harrier above the............Full story at: