Friday, February 6, 2009

The full report about the Cheesefoot Head encounter.

Just to let everyone know that the full report promised about the Cheesefoot Head encounter is about 48 hours away. A couple of clearances are awaited and one misplaced analysis report is on its way to me by mail.

Among other things, I am aiming to re-set the research environment into the Crop Circle subject - still more important than many believe. An environment where it will be much less important to differentiate between man-made and real, where treating both as one study is where the gift of insight exists. Human Consciousness is where my research has been now for the past ten years. But now for all of us a new era has arrived, full of fear, excitement, doubts and knowing and from this amazing mix of potential we have to work our way into the future.

Just as the ingredients suggest, the outcome of applying ourselves to this cross roads where we have now reached, is wired in certainty to produce a truly wonderful or dreadful outcome. Its up to us and/or those in charge of our experiment.

The Human Machine is undergoing an oil change and once we have completed the transition and self assessment, we will be up for the task ahead.

To crop circle and UFO hoaxers, artists, researchers and government agents: Watch this space: "THE TRUTH WE SEEK"

Colin Andrews.