Monday, February 16, 2009

As it is ABOVE so it shall be BELOW. Superpowers COLLIDE

As Above, so Below.
Satellites and Nuclear Subs Collide.

An uncanny coincidence took place this month.

Four of the super powers showed us just how powerful they are and without trying. The United States, France, Great Britain and Russia.

What are the odds that this happened for the first time in history above our heads in space and also below our vast seas and in the same week, perhaps the same day. Amazingly French and British Nuclear submarines collided deep below the vast Atlantic Ocean. Two small dots in our oceans met with potentially dreadful consequences. Oh..., and they both had Nuclear reactors as well as both carried a number of weapons of mass destruction. You know, those things we go to war to stop irresponsible nations from having.

Also amazingly American and Russian satellites collided high up in space. Two small dots in space met also with the already estimated consequences for space travel for 10,000 years.

And how did all this happen? Can we sleep easier knowing it will not happen again? No one is saying and as is I’m afraid the case, our juvenile media are either too afraid to ask or just doing what we have become accustom to in recent years and that is making the easy entertainment bucks in Hollywood.

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