Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Tragic Death of Researcher Paul Vigay

The Shocking News that Paul Vigay's Body Found

Friday morning I was expecting to hear from Paul after exchanging a number of e-mails during the week about the 1989 Cheesefoot Head sound analysis he did for me. I was looking out for his anticipated message when I received an e-mail from Kerry McKenna with Paul's name in the subject line. Instead of the reply I was expecting from Paul it was the shocking news that his body had been washed up in the English Channel at Southsea, near where he lived.

Like many of my research colleagues and friends I am deeply shocked and upset at this terrible loss.

Paul was reliable and trusted by all of his friends and others who knew him. A
genuinely nice person and a highly intelligent young man.

We had carried out a number pf projects together over the years, since I first met him at the launch of 'Circular Evidence' near Winchester in 1989. Paul met me there with his lovely mother, who could hardly contain her love for him. I could see where his gentle nature came from.

He visited my home in Andover several times with every electronic gadget known to man and even more amazing was that he knew how they all worked.

I wondered if I should share a strangeness in our final correspondence this week and believe there is no harm in doing so. I shared this with my friend Dave Haith a short while ago.

It was as if we knew we were saying goodbye to each other.

One day before Paul was reported missing, Wednesday (Feb 18th) in what was to be the last e-mail from Paul at 3.41 pm (UK), he said:

.............."Anyway, keep up the good work, and I'm sure that those genuine seekers for the truth will be able to wade through the various arguments and politics, if they don't get fed up in the meantime! - Best regards Paul".

My reply to him and the last e-mail sent read:

"Paul, I want you to know its the open and fair way you conduct yourself that I admire and tell others about. I so appreciate and like your approach. I cant see how anyone would find a problem with that approach but as we both know, somehow they do.......OK, have a good one Paul. Colin"

At around 7.0 pm US Eastern time, Mid-night in England, I went to the barn to feed our animals and had the most eerie feeling, of quiet peace, also of a presence. This very strange feeling is one Ive had before when terrible things like this have happened. I came back to our house and told my wife about the feeling. I later learned that this was one hour after Paul was reported missing.

Below is a statement by Paul posted on his website which speaks to the nature of the man.

Paul has a statement on his website which speaks to the nature of the man.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

2009 - Visit Crop Circles and Ancient Sites of England.

Visit the Crop Circles and Ancient Sites of southern England.
Holiday of a lifetime - Join the Experts.

For anyone who wants to enjoy a completely different kind of holiday. Visit the truly wonderful landscape of Southern England and the fields of the crop circles. This special area is home also of the famous archaeological sites like Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill and many ancient burial grounds and castles. 'Experience the Magic' tour has been the very doorway many have taken for enlightenment and refreshing relaxation with experts on hand to answer questions. Join Dr. Synthia and Colin Andrews, Dr. Simeon Hein, Dr. Joachim Koch, Ron Russell, Peter Sorensen and Busty Taylor. For more details go to:
Mention that Colin sent you. I hope to see you there.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

As it is ABOVE so it shall be BELOW. Superpowers COLLIDE

As Above, so Below.
Satellites and Nuclear Subs Collide.

An uncanny coincidence took place this month.

Four of the super powers showed us just how powerful they are and without trying. The United States, France, Great Britain and Russia.

What are the odds that this happened for the first time in history above our heads in space and also below our vast seas and in the same week, perhaps the same day. Amazingly French and British Nuclear submarines collided deep below the vast Atlantic Ocean. Two small dots in our oceans met with potentially dreadful consequences. Oh..., and they both had Nuclear reactors as well as both carried a number of weapons of mass destruction. You know, those things we go to war to stop irresponsible nations from having.

Also amazingly American and Russian satellites collided high up in space. Two small dots in space met also with the already estimated consequences for space travel for 10,000 years.

And how did all this happen? Can we sleep easier knowing it will not happen again? No one is saying and as is I’m afraid the case, our juvenile media are either too afraid to ask or just doing what we have become accustom to in recent years and that is making the easy entertainment bucks in Hollywood.

Satellite – BBC:
Subs – Yahoo News:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

IMPORTANT STORY: Satellites collide causing 10,000 year problem.

February 14, 2009
Satellites collide causing unsafe space travel around, from and to Earth for 10,000 years - not to speak of further nuclear powered satellites and GPS systems now threatened.

February 14, 2009
Eye Witness from Ukraine - Letters.

February 14, 2009
More great reviews for the new book now creeping up the charts: Complete Idiots Guide to 2012.

February 13, 2009
New Mission Statement:
Inspiration and a new Mind Set.

February 11, 2009
Reaction coming in from the Cheesefoot Head Sound article.
Read in 'Letters'.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

New Mission Statement from Colin Andrews



The executives and politicians of this age must urgently
assess the long term implications of the status-quo.

Even without the need of big investigations into the
reasons for this mess, we can already see that by
continuing this route, we have already subjected the
younger generation to suffer the moral agony of watching
the effect of human actions create a possible end time

When that reality sinks into their souls as it ultimately must,
it will be hard for them……………………See full statement at:

Monday, February 9, 2009

A full report about the 'entity' at Cheesefoot Head was sent to Britain's Head of State: FULL REPORT and HEAR THE SOUND

February 9, 2009.


For the first time: The Full Report about an 'Entity' at Cheesefoot
Head. Great Britain’s Head of State was informed and the study of crop circles was never the same again for those present.

“Since that day the question has not been: Was the circle real or man-made but
what on earth was behind the events that took place inside it”.

"That was no bird that dragged my friend across the circle"
– Colin Andrews

Read the eye witness statements – Hear the sound – View Analysis and see the photographs >>>>>>>>>>>>:

Friday, February 6, 2009

The full report about the Cheesefoot Head encounter.

Just to let everyone know that the full report promised about the Cheesefoot Head encounter is about 48 hours away. A couple of clearances are awaited and one misplaced analysis report is on its way to me by mail.

Among other things, I am aiming to re-set the research environment into the Crop Circle subject - still more important than many believe. An environment where it will be much less important to differentiate between man-made and real, where treating both as one study is where the gift of insight exists. Human Consciousness is where my research has been now for the past ten years. But now for all of us a new era has arrived, full of fear, excitement, doubts and knowing and from this amazing mix of potential we have to work our way into the future.

Just as the ingredients suggest, the outcome of applying ourselves to this cross roads where we have now reached, is wired in certainty to produce a truly wonderful or dreadful outcome. Its up to us and/or those in charge of our experiment.

The Human Machine is undergoing an oil change and once we have completed the transition and self assessment, we will be up for the task ahead.

To crop circle and UFO hoaxers, artists, researchers and government agents: Watch this space: "THE TRUTH WE SEEK"

Colin Andrews.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


What Happened to crop circle researchers on June 18, 1989 reached the top of the British Government -

By Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews

January 29, 2009


What happened to crop circle researchers Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews at Cheesefoot Head, England on June 18, 1989 reached the highest levels of the British Government - after 20 years the story is told. Part 1. – Written by witness Pat Delgado.


After the event, Pat Delgado, retired NASA electro-mechanical design engineer a research colleague of Colin Andrews, has written the first part of an important disclosure surrounding bizarre happenings in a crop circle during 1989. Andrews believes that this is a pivotal case study which could help move the joint studies into the UFO and crop circles forward under the label of human consciousness.

Delgado discusses what appeared to be interaction between an entity and being dragged involuntarily across the crop circle while leaning backwards at an impossible angle. This was witnessed by more than half a dozen others present.

----------------“Since that day the question has not been was the circle real v man-made but what on earth was behind the events that took place inside it that night. Also what are the orbs and other UFO events that are now so well documented inside and around the circles, real or man-made”. – Human Consciousness is surely where the study has now taken us - Colin Andrews

This is the second key report from Andrews website in the last few days, intended to open new doors during a new period. Also to help the process of openness and honest disclosure of the UFO subject in general.

Last week Andrews was instructed to remove an important high level document from his website ( ). The document referred to events now being posted in this second report. This second article comes in two parts and involves two crop circles near Winchester, Hampshire during 1989, where the Police photographed it from the air, a surveillance operation 'White Crow' was installed and within days a highly mysterious 'entity' interacted with the entire group of researchers present but it was Delgado and Andrews who seemed to be pulled out for special treatment. The out of this world events were witnessed by everyone present and those witnesses will give their accounts, including other strange details.

It is not hard to imagine why some would not want to be associated in public with such high level strangeness.

Part One is on the website now but be aware that an incredible part two is following in days which will include:

Multiple eye witness accounts – The strange sound is recorded – “We saw things that were impossible” – “Make us a circle and one appeared” - A letter of warning was received BEFORE the event occurred and more.