Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crop Circles being untangled: Important letter to Colin Andrews from a radio journalist - Is this a glimpse into future consciousness

A letter from a radio Journalist and posted today speaks of a mysterious flash of light during the making of a crop circle in 1994.
Phenomenon first reported by Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor and Colin Andrews in the 1980s

January 7, 2009
Background note:
by Colin Andrews with regards to the following letter from Radio Journalist, Ned Pamphilon:

I received an e-mail on January 5, 2009 from Ned Pamphilon ( ). Today Ned is an artist, but was once a former hospital radio presenter at The Hampstead Royal Free during the 1990's. In his e-mail he told me that he supports government openness on the UFO issue and that we should have a national UFO/ET policy. Certainly, he is tired of the cynicism from the mainstream on the subject. His main reason for contacting me was to inform awareness that the crop circle known as 'the spiders web' made in August 1994 (Andrews Catalogue #T0340), was................cut. He went on to speak of a mysterious flash of light, which I believe is part of the true mystery we have going on here - 'Flashes into' the developing human consciousness.

You can read his letters in full and my comments at: